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AngryJoe is working on something big, here is an extended vlog review and spoilers discussion on Halo 5 in the meantime!

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  1. Finally talking about spoilers, so I got a few things to say myself.

    We saw Cortana make an emotional departure at the end of Halo 4. It was pretty obvious she would come back, well… she is just AI after all, but she was poorly integrated as the villain in 5. I can’t even recall if the game mentions if she was brainwashed or reprogrammed, but it wasn’t really made clear WHY she became the villain or I was just so spazzed out by the incredibly dull story that I forgot any details existed.

    I didn’t dislike Locke because we had to Master Chief-less games (Reach and ODST), but this being a game in the main Halo series, I would want to play as Master Chief. It’s like playing a Mario game without having Mario.

    My biggest disappointment is that Halo 5 was such a rushed mess that had the potential to be great like it’s predecessors but it’s abundantly clear 343 wanted to throw this out for a quick buck using the Halo name by giving us a half assed story and even more half assed multiplayer (BRING BACK THE SPLIT SCREEN).

    Halo 5 feels more like an expansion than a full game.

  2. Does the main character still spend more time hopping side to side rather than running forward like in the original x-box game?
    Have they found a less lame and obvious cock stroking redundant name than Master Chief?
    Is the most powerful weapon still a bladed weapon which lets be honest in a world of personal force fields doesn’t make any sense at all?
    Does the game still recycle things from other obscure sci-fi in an attempt to sound edgy and original even though it’s far from either?
    Does Halo still suck more balls than the machine at the batting cages?
    Honestly, I don’t care, the series ruined itself from the first game forward for me, the endless glitches, the extreme over hype for a sup-par game, the shameless sequels, the obvious rip-offs, and the millions of flaws in every last detail ranging from the nit-picking to the downright unplayable story mode or the multitude of obvious cock slap you in the face plot holes and the endless barrage of gay man sucking your dick have made me one of the people out there willing to give this entire franchise an immediate middle finger up it’s ever enlarging asshole of shitting on people looking for a good game to play.

  3. I’ve always liked your rating system, Angry Joe. Also, that cat was adorable. ^.^

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