Hawk the Slayer – Here There Be Dragons

HTBD returns with the granddaddy of all fantasy cult films. It’s a jump-cutting, scene-chewin’ old time!

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  1. Alaster Boneman

    What the hell is this movie? And Nash never dance again

  2. The Over the Hills and Far Away intro is just amazing 😀

  3. I admit to having a bit of a soft spot, or at least a certain tolerance, for this movie. I suppose that the main reason is that, in the 70’s and early 80’s, there were so little attempts at a fantasy movie like this, that anything was better than nothing. The only film to come before movies like Hawk the Slayer and Conan was Bakshi’s Wizards and Lord of the Rings. If you went to a fantasy/sci-fi con in that time period and went to the movie room, Wizards and Rings was about it, along with the Wizard of Speed and Time short. So, in desperation, we forgive even the most egregious faults for the sake of having our itch scratched even a tiny bit.

  4. The Simpsons had episode where… oh, okay. I see you’re already aware of it.

    10:00 – that crossbow
    You don’t want to be in the movie. Are you in the movie?

    10:20 – Thus sliced bread was invented and all other ideas that originated from that abbey paled in comparison.

    21:50 – I don’t think he was adequately prepared.

    23:55 – That’s not perception, that’s clairvoyance.

    27:00 – Why does he want the gold? I don’t think it was ever explained. Does he no longer want the secret of the sword? I thought that would hold more value to him at this point.

    28:40 – Color Spray, perhaps. They do appear to be momentarily stunned.
    Or maybe Chromatic spay and they’re suppose to take cold damage.

  5. New Here There Be Dragons!!! YES I’M ALWAYS LOOKING FORWARD TO THESE!! 😀

  6. Very fun review and I am really looking forward to seeing you review Exalibur next. Such an amazing viewing experience.

  7. There is always a “Gary” in any particular DnD group.

    • we had two of them, and one of them liked to screw over other party memebers, and actively gt people killed in places.

      On topic, some of the ‘magic spells’ had me laughing out loud.. though I mainly know of the film from the episode of spaced where Tim (Simon Pegg) gets fired from his job for screaming at a 12 year old for wanting a Jar Jar doll, and his boss mentions punching his dad for saying Hawk the Slayer was rubbish (And That Was A Bad Thing).

      Which leads into a punchline later on when Tims replacement says that Hawk The Slayer is rubbish…

  8. WoW..This definitely looks like a bad dnd campaign. Never even knew it existed.

    Also i hope he is not too hard on Excalibur. For all its campiness I genuinely love that movie.

  9. TragicGuineaPig


  10. Eeeeeeeeek!! New Here There Be Dragons!!!!! I got into this show a while ago and have been waiting for a new episode with bated breath as Nash over here get’s so much of my thoughts
    (while I like Willow and really don’t like Never Ending Story, I 100% agree with him on Dark Crystal, Krull and Dragonslayer. Besides, I respect his views on Neverending Story and will not begrudge him he views)
    Also a show with little blue men, Nash’s ever fabulous locks and Nightwish gets my vote 🙂

    It’s okay; I haven’t seen The Simpsons so I just thought it was funny

    Alright Nash!! Get down with your bad, funky self!! I’m not sure whether or not that was terrorfying or glorious!! Do it again!! Seriously, he’s got suprising rhytham…not so much after he stands up. That was scary

    Oh my god, I recognize the nun he talks to after his flashback about the death of his wife: she played Bundle in the TV adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Seven Dials around the same time and she kicked ass!!!! What a waste!!

    This movie looks like a Spaggeti western; the thing is I like 80’s fantasy movies more then modern ones because they were fun and had production values like Labrynth, Clash of the Titans, Princess Bride and Masters of the Universe, though that’s more sci-fi and an aquired taste.
    This however, like all the other terrible films reviewed on this show, shows the bad side of this time; bad characters, shameless Star Wars ripping off and generally make on is watching MST3K

    Also a lot of the DnD and live role playing game stuff is lost on me; I’ve heard of it a bit but don’t really understand it.


    Composure now regained

  11. Finally anther episode, 2 per year is far too few, need one every month. Never even heard of this movie.

  12. Is it just me, or is Nash out of sync at the start of this vid?
    And I thought you were referencing the Eagle-i-thrust.

  13. wait…a character named hawk goes on a bunch of adventures to collect of disjointed companions, goes through several random encounters, does a bunch of side quests to get money…………is this the movie for Dragon Age II?

  14. My mom made me watch this movie last year. She is quite cruel.

  15. Awesome.I’ve been waiting for you to do this for a while now.

  16. HTBD still exists? Love you much Nash, but, I’ve had time to forget this was a thing…. Still awesome, though.

  17. Had to stop watching for a minute because I was laughing too hard to hear the commentary.

  18. “DROOGOOOOO…” is right up there with “Part time.” from Crystal Skull and “I loved my daughter” from Underworld for bad line reading

  19. Do you happen to have any plans to review Darkstalker in HTBD or is that movie more Brad’s domain?

  20. At first, I really had no idea where he was going with the “fantasy film by the right people who understand the genre” bit.

    Then we get into the review and OH MY GOD Nash wasn’t kidding. This is a bad D&D campaign.

    However, the film’s real failings are it’s lead actors, poor direction, poor pacing, and script. Jack Palance was 10X more believable in similarly bad fantasy film “Outlaw of Gor”. (watch the MST3K version…you..woooorm!)

    • From what I recall from my experience we typically have two types of RPG adaptations. First type is less generic bad fantasy movie where after noticing how much generic bullshit is in the franchise (but to be honest it is understandable as those stuff need be easily comprehensible for the gamer) director simply decide make own story but because he don’t understand complex universe it end as lackluster bullshit what is irrelevant to franchise aka D&D adaptations. And on the other hand we have directors who target RPG campaign style story tale but we end with generic bad campaign because director try emulate something in what he typically is not experienced.

      Do it is posieliby to make such movie good? In fact it is by adopting the video games. Games like Baldur’s Gate etc. typically are faithful to D&D but have more cinematic narration and interesting story. I still remember plot of some of those games like Ice Wind Dale Hart of Winter expansion when we fight dragon who was someone betrayed lover.. yup.. did someone say that AD&D can’t be original? After all is Baldur’s Gate we are son of a demon so if someone want he can make sapid plot.

  21. Ah, the main reason I still visit this site every singe day.

  22. Nice review Nash. Looking forward to the new next one. I never knew the director was trying to set up a sequel to this.

  23. The voice of the injured crossbowman sounded so damn familiar it was eating at me. It’s the officer briefing the player in Medal of Honor: Frontline!

  24. The Excalibur review should be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to that even if we end up differing on liking the movie. *Sets alarm to 9-10 months from now*

  25. Nash, I hope you read this since I know you don’t like reading comments (reading is fundamental, you know!), but let me suggest two new-ish straight-to-home-video flicks called “Mythica: A Quest for Heroes” and its sequel, “Mythica: The Darkspore.” They’ve got crappy CGI effects and fight scenes not worth giving a damn about, but at least the acting is pretty good. I’m not even talking about its Big Name Star, Kevin Sorbo, I mean the rest of the cast. The story is a generic D&D-style quest, but at least the acting and some of the cheesy music will make these movies somewhat worthwhile. Oh, and they were funded by Kickstarter, which can do no wrong! Just forget about Mighty No. 9 …

  26. YES!!! FINALLY!!!!

  27. But… I love fantasy van paintings…

  28. Yes! Finally the next HTBD!
    While I agree that this movie is a mess, it is a very enjoyable mess. The levels of ham & cheese are through the roof, but that just makes it all the more fun. This is one of my favorite “So bad, it’s good” movies, and, in my opinion, a must see for any fantasy lover.

  29. Oh wow this brings back a lot of memories I loved all of the OTP performances…. please do more movie reviews….

  30. Man I wish Nash would see the Witcher. The TV series or the movie (The former is better).. I know unreasonable to expect that of him considering that thing is less then stellar & only in Polish… Unless they made the subs for the thing somewhere. But still. Considering how popular the stories got thanks to the games (I’d like to hope the books publishing got Expanded outside Poland & found many fans in the world) & seeing this review I can’t help to wonder what Nash would think of the adaptations of the Witcher outside the games

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