Heartless Swarm – Monstrous October

The Endless Hordes week continues with a look at army of monsters who live in the darkness between world.

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  1. Errr… Shaun… I think you forgot to remove the audio from the clip of the Hotrod… I can JUST about heard you in the background, but with the audio from the video clip, it suddenly jumps from you talking to a rather loud bit of gaming (made worse by my having headphones in at the time)

  2. First off I must say F%#$ HOT RODS! I hate those pain in the ass demonic hot wheels , and even though I don’t find them difficult they are extremely annoying. I have never had fun fighting them. Any enemy with an invincibility move is annoying, but combine that with stupidly high speed and good damage and you have an enemy that will piss you off more than any real life motorist.

    Rage about annoying cars aside, I have always found the Heartless to be a really interesting enemy, who range from small cute creatures to gigantic deformed monsters. And what is really intimidating is that no matter how many you kill there is always going to be more, and we have only seen a small fraction of the Heartless and their many forms. They are powerful, numerous, and most normal weapons barely phase them. And if you lose to them, they won’t just kill you, they will turn you into one of them.

    My personal favorite Heartless has always been the Wyvern Heartless, who look really intimidating and cool and yet still look unique to the series rather than just being a typical Wyvern. Fighting them is also pretty interesting outside of Hollow Bastion because when you don’t have to worry about falling they are legitimately intimidating opponents who are very agile and have extra mobility that Sora really doesn’t have.

  3. I like how through most of the game they do exactly what you said, make creature that you could see in both FF world’s and Disney worlds. But the final boss is ALL Final Fantasy.

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