Heathers – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara has finally seen the 1989 movie Heathers. Here are her thoughts.

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  1. Within the first 16 seconds I’m saying “OHHHHHH BOY Are you ever in for a surprise!” LOL
    Withen 35 second: “YES! Why the hell would’t they tell you that!”

  2. Her name is Martha? – *Batman cries.*

  3. I have never even heard of this movie.

  4. Well, I’ve seen about the first 5 minutes of this movie but I had no idea that it was about murder. What?! ? In the first 5 minutes, I was like “This is crueler than Mean Girls so bye”. And now I know why.

  5. This was a really cool movie, very much in keeping with that dark tone of the late 80s that was sort of under the surface at the time under the fading neon glow of the early 80s and 50s laced nostalgia of the mid 80s.

    For us slackers, and proto-geek culture kids in Jr High at the time, this movie was one of those required films to watch. Glad you enjoyed how it totally messes with your expectations.

  6. Also, on the homophobic stuff:

    That was how it still was in the 80s…clearly this movie was highlighting the ignorance and hypocrisy of yuppie and suburban rich brat culture. So in the context of the times, this movie was kind of brave in addressing that.

    Don’t be such a pillow case (which was not an expression outside of this movie)

  7. If this movie’s direction surprised you, I wonder what you’d think of “The Doom Generation”. (If you haven’t seen that one yet, of course!)

  8. I think I’ve seen this, I remember something about a jawbreaker.

  9. Captain Chaotica

    I’ve seen this, but it’s been a while. As for the first murder…wait. waitwait. Random murder of a highschool girl. Played in a kitschy kind of way. Then a cold-blooded doesn’t-fit-in girl from the same school fakes a suicide note.

    Oh my god it’s YANDERE SIMULATOR!! Okay, okay, yeah, I know this is way earlier and lots of other things do this. I know. But the second I saw the cartoonish fall through the window followed by “and then she writes a suicide note, ‘cos she’s really good at forging things” that’s where my mind went first. There’s even a class you can take in Yandere Simulator that you take _specifically to get better at forging_, so you can make fake suicide notes!

    I swear, spiritually? The two things might not _quite_ be seperated at birth…but they’re definitely cousins. XD I can totally see Veronica coldly tossing one of the Heathers off a roof and then being like “Drat! I forgot to TURN ON the incinerator after putting her into it! Whoops.”

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