Hellraiser Bloodline: Part 1 – Film Den

The Film Den covers the final Hellraiser movie to be released in theaters. Let the suffering of the flesh continue.

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Holy Hell, is that Adam Scott?

No wonder Jacques is such a human disaster.

Chicken Puppet

Goof review so far.

I kind of liked this one, but I liked Hell on Earth as well. Although Hell on Earth had a more straightforward plot and much better conclusion, it had more goofy moments then Bloodline for sure.

Chicken Puppet

*good review!


In the Bible, the dove also signifies the Holy Spirit. Barker certainly is not above invoking religious imagery in his stories. For Pinhead to be stroking the dove, it’s probably meant to parallel Jesus at his baptism.


You could argue that the security guards were standing in the way of hell by threatening Pinhead (even if they couldn’t technically stop him) and that since the robot wasn’t a living being it wouldn’t be afforded the same protection as someone like Tiffany.