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Dracula’s taken a level in badass. The Maven explores how the manga/anime took the classic character to unexpected depths.

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  1. A fairly good review.

    Maven needs to see things beyond what is sexist ’cause her good/bad scale is HUGELY skewed.

    The reason why there’s so much hate for Seras Victoria is because she’s kinda… Lame.

    BTW… Calling a female character LAME isn’t sexist.

    • I’m going have to somewhat agree. When you have Bad Asses like Alucard an Integra, seras Victoria is a little off-putting. But I always saw her more as the comic relief because of how serious the story and other characters are.

      • I see Seras Victoria as the audience POV. The reason things have to be explained and someone the audience can somewhat relate to. I was surprised to find out people think she’s “lame.” Ah well, different strokes.

      • The thing is, Seras has to grow into her role as a vampire. It’s why Alucard keeps refusing to call her by name, but instead keeps referring to her as “Police Girl”. In his mind, she’s still too much of a hero to be a proper vampire, and must instead learn to embrace her villainous nature. He only starts calling her Seras when she finally consumes blood of her own free will. In Ultimate, she becomes a total badass as a result; she consumes Pip, taking his mercenary essence into herself, and uses his strength as well as her own to annihilate Zorin Blitz and later The Captain.

        In the Ultimate commentaries, the English producers make the point that the reason Alucard made her into a vampire is because he admired her inner strength. She suffered similar pain to his own growing up, and yet she was not broken like he was. Alucard may be a badass, but it was his own human weakness that drove him to become a vampire, and also why he desires to end his existence; he knows that such power is meaningless in the scope of eternity. Inside, he’s still that scared little boy at the mercy of the Sultan. Or to put it this way, in Alucard and Seras, power is weakness, and weakness is strength.

    • To make things clear: Calling lame character “lame” isn’t sexist. Calling female character “lame” because she is female is.

      But that isn’t the case here. For some reason Seras is lame and I point out that no one call Integra lame despite her gander so we cant say that gander play any role here. Why Seras is lame? Well.. I understand her role as POV but execution is bad. There is too much of her and she don’t have too much reason to be there. Hellsing Ultimate definitely make that better.

      • There are certainly non-sexist complaints. I would say that the TV series’ portrayal was lame in that they went out of their way to make her ineffectual in later episodes. It’s particularly galling if you re-watch the show after seeing later episodes of the OVA. People who want overly serious angst porn also don’t like her due to her frequent use as comic relief.

        The sexist issue is when someone can’t handle Seras as both a major protagonist, with whom the audience is to identify, and an “object” of sexual attraction at the same time. Liking Integra is not really a defense. Aside from a bit of light flirting from Alucard, and some gendered slurs directed at her, Integra is what Roger Ebert once called an “honorary boy”. While, on the whole, she is a well written female character, the “You’re a woman?!” jokes in the Abridged series certainly aren’t forced.

      • I personally didn’t care for the ultimate series simply because, even though it was closer to the manga, it was a huge departure from the anime.

        Seras (too quickly) went from being a fluffy bunny to a rabid dog.

        IMO; there wasn’t enough time to show her transitioning from the one state to the other.

        It felt more like a retooling and less like an evolution.

        • Hello cruel world

          I won’t deny that the TV series did a good job with initial character development. This is what made the demotion to a Faux Action Girl in the second half of the series so annoying.

          However, I must say that Seras was never a “fluffy bunny”, and any “rabid dog” moments were well in character with inexpedience with controlling her blood-lust. The idea that a trained police woman imbued with monstrous supernatural powers can’t be a believable bad-ass because she exhibits some “girly” traits, is inherently sexist.

    • No, what’s sexist is you telling a woman that she’s obsessed with sexism, and explaining to a woman who is college educated on the subject what is and isn’t sexist.

      I don’t like the word most people use for this, though. Just don’t act like you’re the expert and the woman doesn’t know what she’s talking about, when she’s more educated about the topic.

      • That’s not sexist; that’s just TRUE!

        -I’m also college educated (4 different diplomas), as are many people.
        -if she knew what she was talking about I wouldn’t have said anything.
        -I actually DO know a lot about that particular subject.

        Look at my twitter, facebook and YT vids

        Just because I’m a MISTER, that doesn’t salute the feminazi overlords, it doesn’t disqualify me from knowing a good deal about gender politics!

        I also know a lot about film & literature.

        My latest video is on fanservice.
        My next video will be about “Sexism vs Sexuality”.
        How sometimes they walk hand in hand and how other times they’re very far apart.

  2. just remember Maven Bitches love cannons

  3. I’ve always heard “Dracula” translated to “Son of the Dragon”

    • Depending on how you translate, it could be “son of the dragon” or “son of the devil.” Vlad the Impaler’s father was known as Vlad Dracul (Vlad the Dragon/Devil) due to being in the Order of the Dragon, and so his son was known as Vlad Dracula (Vlad Son of the Dragon/Devil). Since they were both in the Order of the Dragon, I’d say the “dragon” translation would fit better, though either technically works.

      • Also, in western literature, dragons are usually seen as the ultimate villains or ultimate monsters. Think about it: what was the whole point of The Hobbit or Skyrim? Not as much in Eastern legend, however. Alucard alludes to this before his final battle with Paladin Anderson, when he declares to him, “Your Dragon is before you!”, basically saying to him, “I’m your villain! Come slay me, hero!”

  4. The first anime I ever bought for myself 🙂 Great review, so happy to see you grace the interwebs again!

  5. Good review! Truth be told, my only experience with Hellsing is the incredibly hilarious Hellsing Abridged series produced by Team Fourstar. However, after watching this review, I’m honestly considering going out and watching the actual show. I am really squeamish when it comes to horror, but I’m willing to overlook the gore if the story is as good as it sounds. On the subject of vampires in anime, I would love it if Maven reviewed Shiki. In my opinion, it is one of the best vampire stories ever written (even if it does share a lot with Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot).

  6. The first anime, the manga, and the OVA all make it fairly clear that Alucard sees himself as a villain, and he’s perfectly willing to take upon himself the role of the villain. Which is a good part of his rivalry with Paladin Anderson: he saw Anderson as a true hero, the one man who could take him down in combat. Unfortunately, when Anderson became a monster, Alucard saw that as Anderson renouncing the role of hero, which in turn made him unworthy to take down Alucard.

    But you see Alucard doing some very villainous things, like killing television journalists and murdering an entire police force.

    It’s one of the reasons he calls Seras “Police Girl.” He sees Seras as still trying too hard to be a hero instead of embracing her villainous side. He only starts calling her “Seras” when he learns that she has consumed blood of her own free will.

    In commentaries on Ultimate, the producers of the English version put forth the theory that Alucard sees in Seras someone who has endured similar pain to his own but who grew stronger as a result of it rather than breaking. In a way, he admires Seras, and turning her into a vampire was his way of trying to help her to use that inner strength. Thus, his disappointment in her when she constantly refused to drink blood of her own free will. But unlike Alucard, when Seras finally does drink blood, it is out of love rather than hate (her father figure Farguson in the first anime and Pip in the manga and OVA). Thus, when Seras becomes a true vampire, she still remains the police girl.

  7. Now I kinda wanna see you do a review of Vampire Hunter D

  8. A good spin (anime wise) on the vampire mythos is “Master of Mosquiton”.
    The TV series is fun as is the OVA series.

    Imagine Dracula became buddies with Lara Croft and the entire *Universal party pack* tried to take them down.

    Unlike Hellsing, which often runs the risk of becoming “gore porn”, Master of Mosquiton is more of a horror comedy.

    If you like the “Hilarious House of Frightenstein” you’ll love this!

  9. Technically Dracula doesn’t translate as Devil/demon but as “son of the dragon”. Both Vlad and his father were members of the Hungarian Order of the Dragon, one of the last actual military orders ever formed. Their symbol was a dragon pendant it’s members would wear around their neck. Since Romanian peasantry wasn’t that versed in popular western mythology and since the Romanian for dragon (which by the way is also “dragon”) sounds like the Romanian for the devil: “dracul” it was a relatively easy jump to make. (and considering he had a habit of impaling entire enemy armies, and was considered to be one of the strictest rulers Walachia ever head – it wasn’t hard to justify this popular redefinition)

  10. Dear Chief Replacement,…

  11. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Legacy of Kain franchise.

  12. I agree with your point about Integra and Alucard, I never saw it as a romance and I found it hard to read any fanfics of it like this. It deep seem a lot deeper than any simple romantic links. The Master and Servant dynamic was so much more interesting.

  13. Definitely was a huge fan of Hellsing back in the day, read the manga and watched both the OVA and Anime, I have to say, the OVA did well what the anime lacked, the anime kinda……..went off the beaten path after a while.

    • Honestly, what I would like to see is a version of Hellsing that manages to capture the pacing and tone of the first TV series, spends a bit of time to draw on the mystery of the antagonists (you know, instead of declaring Nazi Vampires the very episode after Millennium is first mentioned), maybe even have Incognito as a part of the grander scheme. But take some time, throw in a bunch more cool villains and scenarios, and most importantly, develop the characters a bit more thoroughly so that the events of the Battle of London have more impact.

      Seriously, the Battle of London should have been the third act of a three-act structure, instead of nearly two-thirds of the entire series. To properly build the mystery, we shouldn’t even know who Millennium is until after the halfway point. Instead of “Hellsing Ultimate”, they should have just called the series, “Hellsing: The Battle of London”.

  14. Another movie I’d like her to review would be “Transylvania 60500”!
    It’s a horror comedy that has Geena Davis playing a Vampire.

  15. Saras is so hot. What, she is! I never heard that Dracula WASN’T based on Vlad the Impaler. Wow, you know your history! Anime reviews are cool. The animation is so good.

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