Here There Be Dragons – Episode 7: Star Wars: The Expanded Trashcan

Nash gives some perspective on the Star Wars Expanded Universe and the recent announcement about canon

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  1. Agree entirely, my fandom of choice is Doctor Who and we pretty much have to accept that canon is something that happens to other people. After more than 5 decades of stories, the fact that the original creators left the show early on and that the BBC takes no particular stance on canon, we pretty much make shit up as we go along. If the Twelfth Doctor says something that contradicts something that Billy Hartnell said in 1965, or that Colin Baker said in 1985, we have to either find a way to reconcile it, choose which one we prefer or say “fuck it sideways” and enjoy the ride. If anything, trying to make sense of the metric clusterfuck that is Doctor Who continuity is probably more fun than having the definitive canon dictated to us by some heavy-handed creator a la Lucas, Roddenberry or even Whedon. What I’m trying to say in my convoluted way is that Star Wars fan should rejoice in the challenge of having additional “canon” material to play with, navigate around and enjoy.

    • Alaster Boneman

      I had something of a similar experience with a 11 doctor book I read last year called darlick generation ( which in my humble opinion was one of the worst things I have ever read) were the story reffance a chacter from an other story that I had never read or even herd of befor and the book was written in such away as if we should know exactly who and what this chacter was and care.

    • I know. I mean, there are three separate destructions of Atlantis. Which they lampshade the hell out of in “The Magician’s Apprentice”. Though Doctor Who has a built in defense: time travel. Who know how much wibbly wobbly-ness causes continuity to be, to reference you, “fucked sideways”.

  2. Alaster Boneman

    As someone who has a very, very limited understanding of the expanded universe of star war I have to say I wasn’t overly upset that Disney fushed it. Let’s face it guys for every Mara Jade, and heir to the empire and darth Bane there was something silly or nonsensical. And that’s just the stuff that was set in the original trilogy and after the fall of the empire and beyond and that’s not including all the stuff set in the prequls or the clone wars or in the old Republic or even befor that with the sith empire.

    I can understand why Disney did what they did their was no way in hell they chould reffance or include all that stuff in the movie and if they tried it would be a Custer fuck. We are talking about 30 odd years of stuff hear some of which contradict other stuff or dousnt make sence. But as I have now being slowly exposed to some elements of the expanded universe I do understand why people were and still are still upset.

    But here’s the thing all those stories and books, and comics and games and toys still exist, they can still be injoyed Disney hasn’t distroyed any of it.

  3. I started reading the books that came out in the mid to late 90’s and they were pretty good . . . you just need to remember one thing about them that’s very important: they are all written in a similar writing style that is easy to understand and is comfortable to the brain. If you missed ‘Splinter of the Mind’s Eye’, consider yourself fortunate and NEVER try to read it. That thing is horrible! My brain feels like it is shorting-out as I try to remember it. It was terribly written, poorly conceived and the events within it were never mentioned again to the best of my knowledge, and that’s a very good thing. (If you disagree with me, well, that’s your right. That thing will never be any type of canon to me.)
    As for everything else I’ll just pick and choose what I think is and isn’t canon . . . like ‘Shadows of the Empire’. Good book, good video game/s and good soundtrack (which kinda wasn’t). It was a much better bridge between TESB and RotJ than ‘Splinter of the Mind’s Eye’ was to ANH and TESB. Everything else is just “whatever”. Unless there are direct references to Episodes 1, 2 and 3 within Episodes 7, 8 and 9 then I can forget about those too and be happier for it. WOO!!!

    Thanks for the clarification, Nash.

  4. Actually, the Ewok TV movies and the Holiday Special aren’t canon. The only things from before that remained canon are the six original films, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and whatever random things George Lucas said (like the aforementioned “Stewjon”).

    I remember being worried that this was going to happened. Then it did and…I wasn’t upset. I was actually surprised. I just hope it was worth it. So far, it actually has been. I’ve enjoyed Rebels more than some previous stories involving the origins of the Alliance and I really enjoyed The Force Awakens, especially as it did something the EU never seemed to be able to do without jumping a hundred years into the future: let go of Luke, Han, and Leia. In the EU, they remained important figures, constantly overshadowing the new generation that was being built up. The Force Awakens had them pass on the torch.
And I do agree that it was actually needed for the new films. It would have been way too much. I would have had to explain most of what was going on to my mom who knows nothing outside of the films. Instead, she was perfectly fine just following along with the film, something that she couldn’t do with the prequels. And I think that says a lot.

  5. It’s really not that bad. There were plenty of continuity errors in the EU and now that the movie is out, we can take comfort that they used plenty of (slightly adjusted) Expanded Universe material in the making of it.

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