Here There Be Dragons – Episode 4: The Last Unicorn

Nash takes a look at the film based on the novel by Peter S. Beagle, and examines the role of adaptation in fantasy films

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  1. Hey Nash, have you heard Ninja Sex Party’s cover of the opening song? Danny’s voice is angelic for it and Brian made the most fantastic instrumentals for it.

  2. Ninja Sex Party brought me back here.

  3. Tilquin used to play the role playing game “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons”.

    The last adventure game that Tilquin played involved a unicorn thrusting the magical horn into an Ettin.

    Nash’s pronunciation of “Miyazaki” is incorrect.

    Tilquin was hoping for a mention of the drunken skeleton.

    Although Tilquin cannot see Constable Odo getting inebriated on wine unless the wine is an ice wine.

  4. I love that song too. Found myself singing to it and then saw Nash was too! I love the other one as well, about journeying ‘walking man’s road’. (though I did show this to some year 8s at end of the school year once and had forgotton about the boobie scene, year 8s didn’t know what to think!)

    • Also, I too have always loved that scene where Molly is so full of anger and sadness at how a seeming life changing opportunity has arrived in her life way after she feels she can make good use of it. But I have also always liked how the Unicorn console her but didn’t apologise. Life is how it is.

  5. Damn. ‘Consoled’.

  6. What does Nash cough after “Who knows what’s been done to the original? What was that a jab at?

    • I have wondered that many times. It sounds to me like he’s saying “squid” as he coughs. So if I had to hazard a guess, especially since he’s talking about geeks’ opinions of adaptations, I wonder if he’s referring to the conspicuous lack of the squid-monster from the comic in the film adaptation of “Watchmen”. But that is a fairly wild guess.

      Shit, this is going to bother me. Now I want to ask Nash on Twitter.

  7. One of my favorite movies and books, and um, I like ALL the songs. I don’t think Mia’s singing is that bad….also, you forgot to mention Angela Lansbury as Mama Fourtuna. XD

  8. Didn’t grow up with this movie, seems very angst-y

  9. what happened to episode 3?

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