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Tim & Beth look at Heroes and why saving the cheerleader couldn’t save this NBC superhero fest from stupid powers, a writer’s strike and Sylar Christ.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good episode if they needed to come up for reasons to the blood not working then why couldn’t they come up with a way to keep heroes reborn from being better. Good episode though I totally thought it would have jumped the shark when they hit season 3 but guess the blood wasn’t the jumping the shark moment. I’ve also heard of the writers strike of 2007 let’s hope it doesn’t happen again otherwise a whole lot of new shows could get cancelled(and given the way a lot of networks cancel freshman shows cause the ratings suck then I won’t be suprised if that happens during the writers strike if it happens again).

    I also didn’t know they produced a season 4 I thought it was only 3 seasons cause that’s all netflixs has listed. I probably won’t be watching the new remake series heroes reborn since you guys say it sucks and the critics response hasn’t been too kind either.

  2. Good episode all around. Autumn powers activate!

    I enjoyed Season 1 and the first half of Season 2, but it then fell under the Lost curse: the Curse of Success. Like Lost once it was a hit the writers, producers and showrunners were in demand and lured to their own projects, leaving the show that brought them such fame in hands of a B team who wanted to do their own thing but also constrained to keep everything the same.

    My personal jump the shark moment was the Season 2 eclipse. Season 1 started with an eclipse and the Heroes learning they had powers, but throughout the first and second season they retconned that away until the eclipse was just a coincidence. We had people with powers for years like Mama Peterelli and Mohinder’s sister. Then comes the eclipse and everyone loses their powers. Why? No Reason. That’s when it lost me. I enjoy fantasy, but not when it can’t play by its own rules. And Heroes like Lost couldn’t keep up with the BS it kept shoveling.

    I think you’re right. The show was too enamored with its cast to cut them loose when needed. Hayden Paniterrie is great in an ensemble, but grating all on her own. Quito is great, but he needs to play off other characters in more than just one tone, menacing. And why did they feel the need to keep Grunberg of Oka around. Once Hiro stood up to Sulu his heroic journey was over. But lets keep him around for some reason.

  3. I admit Heroes is a show I really liked and even actually enjoyed the second season of but… I guess something about instincitvely annoyed me as I didn’t see anything of the next two seasons or Reborn. Maybe I just lost interest but looking back at little reviews I made of the show’s second season when it came out (reading what you wrote about a show 8 years ago is kind of trippy BTW) there was just a lot of stupid I had totally forgotten about. I really forgot about Peter’s lame ass girlfriend who yeah he totally ditched in the future, or him spending half the season in Ireland with amnesia, or Nikki having a split personality and working for the company, or Nathan’s stupid looking beard. And yeah hearing even before your review about some of the stupid things in later seasons like getting Sylar to think he’s Nathan or the evil circus (didn’t they also have Claire be a bisexual at one point as well? Less like “save the cheerleader save the world” and more “make the cheer leader whatever sexual idenity you decide on, increase your fanbase” or something) makes me kind of glad I checked out as I don’t know if I could of even ironically enjoyed some of that. And yeah if it was getting over used in the later seasons that would of been something that would of caused the show to jump the shark. And granted I’m not a fan of characters dying which they did do in the series before in lame ways (like how D.L died), and when first used it wasn’t too bad but… everyone having the potential to come back from magic blood is ridiculous. And honestly Heroes took itself and it’s franchise too seriously for that sort of thing to work. In something like Dragon Ball or heck even normal super hero comic fare there’s a sense of these big over the topic giant storylines or epic fantasy and mysticism and fun that okay yeah you know characters can come back even from supposed death. But heroes wasn’t that kind of show. Especially as even with it’s high budget even in earlier seasons it had terrible fight and action scenes and spent a lot more time with the drama of characters and what not. Plus even with how ridiculous Lost got, at least character deaths actually meant something. Sure you could see someone who had died appear later in the show but usually only in a dream or that puragory verse they had in the last season. Even Locke died and the Man in Black Smoke monster just took over his body but it wasn’t like Locke was actually still around. Lost knew well enough to make death death. Heroes… didn’t and again if it were that kind of super high fantasy show that’d be one thing but it isn’t. Ironically enough now in an era with actually really well recieved and highly praised superhero live action dramas like Arrow or Flash and Daredevil and the success of more light hearted super hero movies mostly from the Marvel Cinematic universe, it makes Heroes look even more like a relic so yeah that makes the revival suffer even more.

    Still really great episode guys. Like the Abby cameo about her fan love for Sylar (I know people love Zachary Quinto but seriously did every fangril of the show just think this guy was super hot? Well based on how his Spock is treated guess we know the answer to that) and your ridiculous excuse for powers and how you used them. Which is a joke actually handled much better here then in Nostaliga Critic’s Fantastic Four review. Really loved the Animorphs reference as well. I’d ask you guys to bring that to Shark Jumping but… I think the fact they toned down and removed the balls off the YA series in the first place by putting it on Nick and making the show bleh meh “really” at best was where it jumped the shark. Still be interesting to talk about since no one else on CA is going to review it. Lindsay was but then stopped because… I’m not getting into the whole N Ckck ending debacle here. Still great episode guys and can’t wait to see what you have for Halloween and beyond.

  4. GreatestLatinoGüeyEver

    Oh goddamn it! As somebody who is still in high school, that “I’m so basic” joke in this review felt so fucking real!😂 Christ in hell, man, I know so many basic-ass people like that!

  5. I’m laughing really hard because your final reason of “cannot let go of main characters and bring them back to life”

    …. that is also the biggest issue superhero comic books

    So they basically tried to do something different and just became dc/marvel great fucking job there

  6. The problem is they focused way so much on the Cheerleader, and completely forgot about So-and-So, What’s-Her-Face, and The Ugly One.

  7. Sylar should have been a one off villain. He was a great character and Zachary Quinto owned the role, but keeping him around ruined the story. The writers kept retooling the story to not only keep him around but to make sure that Sylar always kept center stage. By the end they essentially used every horrid fanfic character trope one can think of on him. He was a Mary Sue, a Villain Sue, and a God Mode Sue all rolled into one. The writers strike didn’t help matters.

    A few NYCCs ago I got to sit it on a panel where Milo Ventimiglia was promoting a comic he was publishing. During the Q&A a fan asked him how he’d have wanted Heroes to have ended instead of the ending we got. He said that the writers should have had Peter kill Sylar, which was met w/ thunderous applause. I agreed wholeheartedly. The way Peter’s powers worked, where he could essentially have all the powers he wanted, looked to be setting him up to be the next villain. He was the most powerful character in the show, even more so than Sylar. While the latter had to kill people to take their powers, all Pete had to do was be in their vicinity. It was apparent the writers saw this, and they couldn’t have someone more powerful than Slyar around, so they neutered Peter while contuing to beef up the show’s new golden boy. This was dumb. Yes, Sylar was great, but the story must always come before the character. And if the story would profit from the death of a character then that character’s gotta go.

    Peter becoming a villain would have been a great turn for his arc. He starts the show off wanting to help people, to be a hero. He learns of his powers, the greatest power of them all, and uses it to kill the villain. Over time, he grows more powerful yet also disconnected. While he still wants to protect humanity, his god-like status alienates him from the same people he wants to save. Eventually he becomes so disassociated from humanity that he reasons the only way to help them is to take full control over them, forcing the other characters in the show to have to unite against him. That would have been awesome. But nope. Instead we got the Sylar Show.

    And that’s not even getting into the other nonsense that occurred in this show. I guess Peter forgot all about his Irish girlfriend stuck in the future. Matt’s relationship drama was the worst. Why did they give Ando powers? So was Claire a lesbian, bisexual, what?And what happened to Claire’s brother, Lyle?

  8. And I agree, the show definitely would have benefited from switching casts for each season, following a new group of characters each time. Maybe occasionally bringing in some of the characters from previous seasons into the next as cameos. HRG is the only character I can see being somewhat necessary to keep around for the whole show, given his job was hunting down Evos.

  9. Did you guys just call Kristin Bell Malin Akerman?

  10. I actually think the jumping the shark moment was Season 2 Episode 1.

    The first season had been a super slow build, so that when the finale hit we were kind of impatient for something to happen and all the heroes to get together into a Justice League or something. But no. Everyone was split up again. It was like all the build had led to nothing.

  11. I enjoyed the first season and a bit of Season 2. However a lot of the show did feel ripped from X-men comics.

  12. Great video, guys. And I agree with most of what you’ve explained. But while we’re on the subject of Claire’s SUPER-superpower – that line of reasoning also applies to Hiro, doesn’t it? Time travelling is a device which is tricky even for the most skilled writers, since it’s easy to use it as a plot device to which no rules apply anymore. Hiro was waaay to powerful, right from the start. (ALPHAS treated a similar topic much, MUCH more subtle – it’s a shame it didn’t get a lot of attention and got cancelled) Some superpowers in a relatively realistic fictional world just seem out of place.

  13. I’m glad I just stopped after Season 1

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