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What Highlander got right (by accident)..

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  1. Snorgatch Pandalume

    So why does Connor Macleod have a French accent in the scenes with Ramirez (other than because Christopher Lambert is French)? I can understand why Russell Nash (his 20th century persona) would. It’s entirely feasible that Macleod could have spent a substantial amount of time in France after he left Scotland and might well have acquired a French accent (that might also be where he met Castagir). But it makes no sense whatsoever for a Scottish highlander who has never set foot outside of Scotland to have a French accent.
    The problem with the Highlander sequels (other than they all suck) is the same problem Terminator had; Highlander was a completely self-contained story that never needed or wanted a sequel. In fact, the whole premise rules one out. I really wish someone would do a Highlander prequel set in the period between Macleod leaving Scotland after the death of Heather and his final confrontation with the Kurgan in 1985. We could see his first meetings with Castagir and Fazeel, explore his relationships with them, meet other immortals who didn’t make it to the Gathering, and have the Kurgan show up again to make trouble. Or how about a prequel set in ancient Egypt or Japan, where Ramirez (or whatever he was calling himself back then) first encounters the Kurgan? There’s a lot of stories you could tell and a lot of fun to be had. Instead, they just keep making these crap sequels.

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