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In which celebrated and dead author HP Lovecraft offers his advice on such diverse topics as love, finance, cooking, and personal hygiene.

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  1. But answering question seriously: Lovecraft in fact did take inspirations from many religions, but in opposition to most believers he look on them from paranoid point of view picking worst and most creepy aspects of those, when most believers generally tend to ignore all implications and unconvincing elements.

    Generally many descriptions from Vedas mention all powerful monsters and fucked up stuff, but also if someone is interested it isn’t that different from either Greek or Nordic myths. Just most people know only washout Hollywood adaptations. For example Loki was mother of Odin eight legged horse Sleipnir. Yes, it is EXACTLY as I said! He really have a sex as a mare with the magical stallion!

    But to be honest prime source of inspiration for him was Bible. Despite what hipster say bible is full of Bakshi Insane stuff. In old testament and kabbalah angels in fact rarely resemble humans (in both look and actions). Also whole celestial alignment is more hazy. I put it simply: Satan work for God! Bible is clear about that! Generally most angels would not blink i God would order them destroy humity, plus Shaol (underworld) is in fact part of heaven and Christ promised humanity new Earth.

    Only real difference is that YHVH in real religion is omniscient and all powerful, when in Lovcraft mythos he (known there as Yog-Sothoth) is ignoramus entity incapable to understand humans and that his servant Nyarlathotep basically troll him. Also he isn’t creator because world was created by Azathoth who is basically insane, and keep sleep by other gods in order to ensure existence. But otherwise not that different outside that angels usually stay in spiritual domain.

    Anyway, if someone seriously is interested in those stuff they are sometimes as good as works of fantasy.

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