History of Fanfic 5: 50 Shades of Legality – Stuff You Like

EL James, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and the legality of fanfiction. Also the tale of KOBRA and JEMIMA.

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  1. You forgot a even more important rule then don’t read your own fan fics, don’t have your charecters read their fan fics…hehe sam and dean finding out about their slash fics…

  2. Hmm… this was a really interesting video. Plus, I’ve never heard about the Marion Zimmer Bradley thing or Kindle Worlds.

    • I was active in fandom in the 1980s, and yeah, the MZB thing was huge, magnified by the slow spread of information about it (printed magazines/fanzines) and the desire of fans to defend their favorite author vs. the desire to write fanfic. The fandoms I was involved in (mainly ElfQuest) at least set out some explicit guidelines, like “in universe is okay, but with original characters”.

  3. Any book called “Master of the Universe” better be about a musclebound blonde barbarian with a magic sword beating up a purple guy with a skull for a face.

  4. Jill: “Let’s talk about Marion Zimmer Bradley”
    Me: “Who?”

    My stance on fanfiction is simply this: don’t make money off it, no one can sue you for it. It’s basically the Paramount policy on fan-made Star Trek media: you wanna make your own Star Trek? Knock yourself out! Just don’t profit from it, love you (and your money)!

  5. Okay I don’t know if you’ll bother reading this since you disable youtube comments, but you MAYBE need to turn down the sensitivity on your mic cause I don’t think it’s good to be able to hear your saliva pop in your mouth while you are speaking loud enough I shouldn’t be able to. Apologies for being crass, I guess, if that bothers you.

  6. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the recent bru-haha between CBS/Paramount and the Star Trek: Axanar production.

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