Home Alone – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara is joined by Jim to tackle this Christmas classic, Home Alone.

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  1. You should do The Good Son (1993). It’s the unofficial sequel.

    Edit: Because nobody seems to have seen it, i didn’t start with “if you haven’t”.

  2. I was just watching the movie the other day. I would always watch it every year. It’s a Christmas classic.

  3. The Hands-On-Face Scream thing is actually a parody of the famous painting, The Scream by Edvard Munch.

  4. Yep. A comment like this is becoming par for the course but yep, I’ve never seen Home Alone. Although, it sounds like this movie is hilariously stupid.

  5. Snorgatch Pandalume

    The whole premise of this movie makes no sense. You accidentally left your kid at home when you went to Paris? Okay, call the cops, have them send over an officer to pick him up (like Joe Pesci, who they’re apparently on a first name basis with anyway), and they’ll hand him over to child services until you get back. Done. End of movie. Roll credits.
    Ah, but I forgot, this is a Chris Columbus/John Hughes film, which means it takes place in a completely artificial, make-believe world where nobody behaves like an actual human being.

    • That’s the first thing they tried.

    • Also, Joe Pesci’s character isn’t a cop.

    • Whaddya know, it’s obvious you’ve never seen the movie.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        I have, but it was 25 years ago and I haven’t seen it since, because my reaction to it was pretty much the same as Tamara’s and Jim’s, so you’ll have to forgive my not remembering all the details. In any case, I’m hardly the only one who thinks this movie stretches implausibility past the breaking point.

        • A few month after Home Alone was released Siskel & Ebert revisted it. They tried to explain why it connected with so many people to the point of becoming the biggest movie of 1990, even they like so many critics had dismissed it as too improbable.

          While there opinions hadn’t really changed they made this sound point among others. That complaining about the unrealistic nature of the story and the kids cleverness was like complaining about “West Side Story having too much singing and dancing.” People aren’t always looking for something realistic. People like wish-fullfilment fantasies, especially around the holiday season. They were leaving in troubled times (as we out now) and they saw a kids solve his problems on his own and having fun doing it and they think “hey don’t I wished I could pull this off.”

          I understand that kind of story isn’t for everyone and that the slapstick humor isn’t something everyone finds funny, but it works on the level it aims for and it resonates with people for a reason. Yes I’ve seen better movies that deal with similar themes, but I’ve also seen them handled a lot worse.

          You can see the talk here at about the 14:20 mark http://siskelandebert.org/video/3NU2R42G4NH3/Meet-The-Applegates–The-Vanishing–Home-Alone-1991

          • “People aren’t always looking for something realistic. People like wish-fullfilment fantasies, especially around the holiday season.”

            I think too many things these days are sold on an Emperor’s New Clothes basis: ‘if U like mai thing u is smrt. F you laik dat unrealistic stuff u is dum’.
            Or… I leave reality to reality, and go to movies to escape that!

            btw, I like the movie, and I didn’t see it until I was at least 18.

  6. The kid is a real psycho.

    • Oh please. Dennis the Menace caused far more damaged inadvertently.

      The guys he intentional hurt were vandals and thieves and he was just defending his home. Yes realistic Harry and Marv would have suffered potentially fatal injuries if these stunts were performed IRL, but given they way they act throughout the movie even after he gives them a chance to surrender it’s pretty hard to feel sorry for them. What I DO find psycho are the kids in those Home Alone imitators like Mr. Nanny where the perform similar cruel pranks on a adult whose just doing his job and bares them no ill-will simply for the fun of it! THOSE kids are sick.

  7. That flick was on TV yesterday. .. better than the evening news, I suppose. Saw it when it came out on VHS…. or on TV. Either way, didn’t think much of it. Didn’t, for me, live up to the hype.
    The sequel was marginally better. My opinion.
    Better being as more entertaining. Was bloody cartoonish. The third one… OK for a rainy day. Might be considered an improvement in some ways. I didn’t hate it.

  8. This might be my favorite Christmas movie. BUT I know a major part of my enjoyment comes from having watched it as a child. I know it’s nostalgia. But it makes me giggle like a fiend. “Maybe he committed suicide” cracks me up.

  9. I saw Home Alone when it first came out, in what? 1990? I would have been 11 or 12. And my reaction has always been “Eh. It’s all right.” I’ve only seen it a couple times since then. Not much of a fan of it. I thought it was overrated at the time it came out.

    But, I got to admit: I’m not the biggest fan of slapstick.

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