Homestuck, Act 2 – AT4W

Stairs: the true enemy of man.

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  1. You said you wouldn’t review webcomics! You even said you wouldn’t change your mind about that! Anyway, it was still great to watch. I’m a “Homestuck” fan myself. For the life of me, I can’t follow it. It’s still great.

  2. Still only sort of get what Homestuck is.

    • It started out as a web comic, where the outcome of everything was determined by fans on a forum entering in commands. It wasnt meant to be anything serious, but as the fanbase grew, it couldn’t keep going on with the fan vote thing, and it became a more serious, if still weird, story.

      It’s pretty much 4 kids having to create a new world for themselves to live in, while dealing with adult problems and growing up to deal with them. It’s a weird mix of video game cliches, pop culture references, creationism and a coming of age story.

    • That’s largely because exactly what it is about is considered spoilers. The story isn’t what it seems like early on. It’s hard to describe without getting into spoilers.

      I’d argue that, above all, it’s about Internet culture, and even webcomic culture. Dave, for example, is a sort of parody of the hipster, though he gets fleshed out a lot more. Rose is a parody of those girls into dark stuff (which is why her voice sounds like Mandy in my head.) The new girl coming up is probably the loner nerd, while John is the gullible everyman.

      Later characters personify the types of Internet trolls. And even later on we get a duality of the fans of the comic itself, both the good side and the bad side.

      On the surface, it’s these Internet people out to save the universe. But it turns out to be more complicated than that. Because he is coming. He is already here.

  3. Even though you telegraphed the stairs thing in the description below, I still laughed my butt off when the joke was revealed in context.

  4. Apparently, to open a can in a post-Apocalyptic world, all you need to do is roll/rub it against concrete (I’m sure a rock would do).

    I haven’t actually tried that, though.

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