Honest Review: Darkwing Duck – Blockbuster Buster

To celebrate the upcoming Ducktales reboot and The possibility of Darkwing Dcuck returning to television ERod Re-uploads one of his all time favorite Honest Reviews.

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  1. I hope that Duck Tales reboot wouldn’t be such huge flap as new Powerpuff Girls and The Looney Tunes Show. First is trash made by someone who didn’t understand original, and second has opposite issue.. is too slow and forget abut simple fun of the original, though at least did try appeal to target audience (90’s nostalgia).

    • I personally loved the Looney Tunes Show, I thought it was a nice modern update for the characters. Besides Warner Bros tried to make modern Looney Tunes shorts before and they failed.

      You’re on the mark about the new Powerpuff girls show though, that is trash.

      • The Real Silverstar

        The Looney Tunes Show was just “eh” for me; it wasn’t exactly what I wanted from a Looney Tunes adaptation, but I’ve seen far worse. I think it’s more infuriating that the latest LT cartoon, New Looney Tunes (formerly Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production) is being blackballed in the US for some reason; Turner stopped airing the show on either Cartoon Network or Boomerang, and no one knows when it’ll ever air in the States again, even though it’s still airing internationally. I don’t get it. What I’ve seen of the new show (mainly YouTube clips) looks pretty fun. The new designs take some getting used to (Yosemite Sam looks like a Ren & Stimpy character) but the humor is a return to the classic style and done well (plus they made Daffy Duck a lunatic again instead of a greedy selfish asshole, I’ve been waiting years for a return to crazy Daffy). I don’t get why there’s so little love for this show, it seems to be what fans wanted from The Looney Tunes Show.

        Honestly, I get tired of the constant bitching about the PPG reboot. Is it great? No, but the original series wasn’t all that great toward the end, either. That they don’t fight villains all the time anymore also doesn’t bother me; that honestly got played out in the first series; I’d just prefer if the humor were less ‘meme-tastic’, but that’s what kids seem to like now. PPG 2016’s existence doesn’t tear at my soul, I just don’t watch it. The stuff which doesn’t appeal to me I simply avoid watching, simple as that.

        As for Darkwing Duck, I liked it OK. Superhero/spy stuff gets old for me after a while, but it was really funny, and funny never gets old. Since Disney XD is running the DuckTales reboot premiere *for an entire day*, I’ll refrain from commenting on that until after I’ve seen it.

      • I just clarify that I didn’t said that LTS was bad. Just that it didn’t rise proper audience, and as such it wasn’t a success. My opinion is that if they would make it slightly more between old and new style it would work slightly better.

    • I didn’t love The Looney Tunes Show, but it wasn’t the worst thing ever. This shows’ take on Daffy Duck was a little off, but I liked Kristen Wiig’s Lola and Fed Armisen’s Speedy Gonzales.

      The Powerpuff Girls 2016 is just a mediocre reboot. The fact that Craig McCracken isn’t involved with it should have been a red flag from the start.

      As for the DuckTales reboot, all I know is that there’s a new video on YouTube or a new news article about it almost every day. If the new series is going to fail, it won’t be due to lack of publicity.

      Here’s the thing about reboots: They aren’t made for fans of the original series. They’re designed to introduce the characters to a *new* audience and to generate a *new* generation of fans, so naturally there are going to be some changes made because it’s made by a different creative team for a different audience at a different era. We don’t like PPG 2016 or Teen Titans GO!, but the kids whom these new shows are aimed at are eating them up like free pizza. The reason why these shows are popular is because KIDS LIKE THEM. I know that’s a difficult concept to grasp, but you guys aren’t kids. You’re basing your opinions on the shows that you enjoyed during your childhood. Kids have no nostalgic fondness for the originals because they didn’t see them. It’s the same way that you don’t dig the shows that your parents or older siblings were into.

      • I just have to say (even though I up voted your comment) that I didn’t watch the original Powerpuff Girls as a kid because you could only get Cartoon Network on Sky over here in the UK, which my family didn’t have. I only watched it later as an adult, so I’ve judged both shows as an adult, and I consider the original to be much better than the reboot.

        • The original Powerpuff Girls is the superior show. The reboot is just more internet humor. I don’t have a problem with the Girls only fighting crime sometimes. However, I do have a problem with the new show not being funny. If you want to have a more comedic take on the franchise, that’s fine, but if you’re going to do it, be *funny*!

      • I definitely agree that how they make Lola in LTS show is great.

        As for TT:Go I think the reason why people hate it is because they love previous TT show (anime looking one). It was almost like replacing MLP:FiM with third generation again.

  2. Blockbuster Buster on a Friday?! Does not compute. Does not compute. Also, I never liked any of the Disney Duck based shows as a kid so I don’t have much to say. Haha.

  3. My favorite villain was easily Megavolt. In one episode you can see his picture right belows Nega Duck’s on the most wanted list so he’s the 3rd most wanted villain. Go Megavolt!

  4. By the way, I watch first episode on new Duck Takes. Awesome! I like good balance of more rafinad storyline and old sticks (also it is quite surprisingly dark in some places). Only missed opportunity is that they should put Daisy as reporter. Yes, DT happen before Donald meet her, but I always liked her and that would be good opportunity to go around that issue without contradicting balance of the show.

  5. Darkwing Duck was such a fun character. That guy went from Dan Hibiki to Akuma with a single catchphrase.

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