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This week: a mayor’s husband entry for “worst Halloween costume,” a baby channels Riki Tiki Tavi, and loving the PS4 just a little too much…

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  1. So a baby kills a snake and you fail to make a Hercules joke? For Shame!

  2. That toddler is scary he is so metal eeew playstation needs an adult it needs an adult!!

  3. I for one am now looking forward to the new Twin Peaks episode where the Black Lodge is now a fridge and possums are jumping out of it. I can only assume that Laura Palmer and the dwarf won’t be too far behind the critters? 😉

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I heard about that baby And him to being in the car story but also I am totally watching that twin peaks episode!!! Man though I totally forgot abut the gold ps4 and now that that man showed his penis to the ps4 I’m gonna assume the golden ps4 is made out of that mans pee and not get it at all(probably burn it on fire of it feels sticky and what not)!!!

  5. I feel like we could narrow down a lot of the different lessons learned from this show into “have an exit strategy.”

  6. I think George Carlin put it best when it comes to weird names for drugs…

    ‘Think of a narcotics officer on the first day of the job, and he goes undercover.

    Dealer: Hey man, wanna buy some shit?
    Officer: Well, I’d never really thought about it before… Where’d you get the shit?
    Dealer: We imported it from Columbia. Made some brownies out of some of it… gave some away as a present…
    Officer: How much for the shit?
    Dealer: I’ll give ya half an ounce for $10…
    Officer (thinking to self): (must be good shit…)
    Dealer: Need any papers with that?
    Officer: Yea, better give me a roll or two…

  7. Her husband decided to be an asshole, and people want her to resign?

    Also, Success Kid has officially been out-badassed.

  8. My friend who is a Baltimore police officer got called in for the case where the baby lied about her child being in her stolen car. After all that unnecessary drama the child was located at daycare. The car was found, but the mother is facing charges for filing a false police report.

  9. I meant to say ‘lady’ lied…not ‘baby’ lied. LOL

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