HOPR: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Reversioned

Glorified Wikipedia returns for its fifth anniversary with the worst season of them all! Anyone want to watch Volt Vengers, instead?

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  1. That type of joke wouldn’t work on anybody else but Linkara.

  2. No! Not Teenagers!!!!

  3. you should do a video on the original Zyuranger for next year (since I think it’s getting a proper western release)

  4. April SECOND?! How could you?! I thought we had something special!!

  5. Berny would make a great Power Ranger, much better than that no name Tommy new guy or something.

    Linkara, you should review VR Troopers and maybe Big Bad Beetleborgs, probably when you take break from HOPR or maybe after it. WE ARE V R.

    • VR Troopers and Beetleborgs? Hell yes, I would like know more! Wasn’t that Metal Heroes adaptations? If so I would also like watch something about Saban’s Masked Rider and Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight (Kamen Rider adaptations).

  6. I’m so sick of all these Power Ranger videos, when is Linkara going to get back to what he does best…. Reviewing lamps.

  7. What makes this even better is that this is just how I imagine Spoony would do HoPR, lol.

  8. Linkara, it’s April 2nd. You’re… um… doing it wrong. Still, better satire than that gritty Power Rangers Satire that was released.

    • And this is why you should be going to my site sometimes, too. ^_~ It premiered yesterday.

      • I had a feeling this was a late April Fools Day joke. Nice one.

      • That Guy With the Hat has a site?!! It doesn’t surprise me, everyone does, I imagine. More importantly, when are you going to release more storyline for this season of your AFW show? I’ve been missing those segments. Of course, I love the reviews, but I like the story lines too.

        • Sadly there won’t be a set storyline this year since I’m focusing all my extra time and energy for the movie. ^_^

          • Oh ok. If it’s alright for me to ask, what do you think that the plot will focus on in this movie? Of course, if you choose to keep that a secret then I fully understand. Also, will any of your fellow critics be in it?

          • …What do I THINK the plot will focus on? Well, I hope I figure that out soon – we’re filming in like 2-3 weeks. XD And yes, I’m keeping it a secret. And yes, I already announced several other critics who would be in it. ^^

  9. The Mysterious M

    Great joke Linkara. And a perfect way to do it too. In all seriousness, season 18 (the MMPR reboot) was a freaking joke. Don’t get me wrong, MMPR is my favorite of the various series, but…why did this happen? And the comic book effects…WHY!?

  10. Ha, a day late. Keeping us on our toes?

    • Or maybe the slots were all filled up or I did this last minute on April 1st and thus couldn’t get it on the site on Wednesday. ^_~

      • It was still fun to watch, even if you watched it a day late… Its really not hard to predict reviewers doing these things around the 1st of April, but its more fun to see what they come up every time… 😛

  11. We are VR Troopers!

  12. Should’ve called it “History of Power Rangers according to those who Hate Power Rangers and liked Power/Ranger”.
    Or whatever that satire film was called.

  13. SailorRustyBacon

    Hey Linkara! Was it really okay for you to say “fucking” at the end because you were just out of character? ^^

  14. I know this was a joke, but it pleases the nerdy completist within me that there’s a video addressing it.

  15. now that was one funny April fools joke with the History of Power Rangers of the Reboot season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that was okay.And i’ll can’t wait to see his review of Power Ranger Samurai/Super Samurai & Megaforce/Super Megaforce that i thing Linkara is going to on a new one with how long of a season those mad it for both Rangers team here.

    • I’d love to see his perspective of the new “Dino Charge” series (though, at the rate he’s been going lately, he’ll probably finish Samurai and Megaforce before Dino Charge is done airing).

      • Next are trains and later ninja.. (at least if they don’t back to Go-Dusters which was skipped as it was too good for Saban low standards).

        • Actually they plan on have “Super Dino Charge” be based on Go-Busters. Cause, for some reason, after Samurai Saban just stopped using a full series and just pick and choose which episodes to use then mash-up the following super sentai.

          I mean, I get that it work for the first series, being able to compress three different teams into one series, but back then they made sure it ,made sense and worked. Today….it doesn’t work, on any level

  16. Eh, not as good as the Gundam Abridge ep, but still made me smile.
    Nice work.

  17. Trollkara!!!! :O

  18. Face it, Super Sentai is ruined.

  19. Would be interesting to see Linkara’s reaction to the Power/Rangers fan film.

    Then again, it’s apparently a touchy subject for some reason.

  20. 1 day too late for April 1st, no ?

  21. Why wasn’t this uploaded on April 1?

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