HOPR: Power Rangers SPD Part 1

The History of Power Rangers FINALLY returns! The Rangers have been lead by a giant floating head, a guinea pig, and a useless Princess eh, why not a dog?

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God, the woman who played Kat was beautiful.

Hey there, Linkara. I don’t remember which part of the S.P.D. video it was that you talked about it, but I remember you were confused about Omega Ranger and Shadow Ranger’s position on the team, specifically why Omega Ranger’s number was a VI/Roman numeral six when he was the seventh Ranger on the team. I believe I can answer that for you. While chronologically the seventh Power Ranger in S.P.D., Omega fills the actual position of Sixth Ranger. Shadow Ranger on the other hand is what is considered an Extra Ranger. There aren’t any definitive criteria that have been set… Read more »

It won’t play, what the hell is going on?

Yeah I have to agree with you on the explosion thing. I remember noticing that when I was watching this on tv as a kid. I didn’t mind but once you’ve pointed it out I don’t think I’m going to be able to see this show the same way again. I like it and all but I think dino thunder was better. That’s what I consider quote my power rangers it’s the season I remember. It and wildforce are the two which I have seen the most of and then this and ninja storm are the two which I remember… Read more »