HOPR: Power Rangers SPD Part 1

The History of Power Rangers FINALLY returns! The Rangers have been lead by a giant floating head, a guinea pig, and a useless Princess eh, why not a dog?

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  1. God, the woman who played Kat was beautiful.

  2. Hey there, Linkara. I don’t remember which part of the S.P.D. video it was that you talked about it, but I remember you were confused about Omega Ranger and Shadow Ranger’s position on the team, specifically why Omega Ranger’s number was a VI/Roman numeral six when he was the seventh Ranger on the team. I believe I can answer that for you.

    While chronologically the seventh Power Ranger in S.P.D., Omega fills the actual position of Sixth Ranger. Shadow Ranger on the other hand is what is considered an Extra Ranger. There aren’t any definitive criteria that have been set up, but there are a few common facts that I believe you can use to make a differentiation.

    So, the Sixth Ranger usually has a color not commonly associated with the main team and may also have other little flourishes/extra accessories to their costume, but for the most part still appears similar to the overall look of the other Rangers on their team, such as the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger’s suit being MOSTLY the same as the other five, but with the edition of the shield and the diamonds on the boots and gloves being replaced by those long triangles plus the gold armbands. Also, after joining the team, the Sixth Ranger almost always fights beside the core team. There may be occasions where they are missing or off somewhere else, but 9 times out of 10, they’ll be there. Another thing is that the Sixth Ranger is usually the same age as the core team. Lastly, the Sixth Ranger always has a Zord of their own and it in some form or another can combine with the Zords of the other team.

    An Extra Ranger is a little different. Firstly, there can be more than one Extra Ranger. Secondly, an Extra Ranger’s appearance still keeps the general motif of the team, but very often, there are a few more differences, giving them a more visibly distinct look from the rest of the team. Frequently, they have a more armored look, as well. Next, an Extra Ranger less frequently fights alongside the core team. While they certainly do help them out, their appearances on the field are usually less frequent than the Sixth Ranger’s when they appear on the team. An Extra Ranger is usually older than the main Rangers, often being the mentor. Lastly, an Extra Ranger may or may not have a Zord of their own. And if they do, most commonly, they don’t combine with the Zords of the main team.

    So, as I said, Omega/Sam is definitely the Sixth Ranger of the team. His color is white, which I think is the third most common Sixth Ranger color, with Silver being the first and Gold being the second. For the most part, he seems similar to the other S.P.D. Rangers with minor differences: his secondary color is blue instead of black with gold stripes instead of white ones. He keeps the number on the chest, but instead it comes in the form of a Roman numeral. As the Sixth Ranger, naturally, his number is 6. His helmet seems mostly the same as the others, just taking more of the look of a bicycle helmet, perhaps giving him more of a bike cop motif given his Uniforce Cycle and Omegamax Cycle. After joining the team, Sam is usually there with them, fighting beside them all. While we see him originally as a kid, the version of him from the future is about the same age as the others. Lastly, the Omegamax Cycle combines with the Delta Squad Megazord to form the Deltamax Megazord.

    Shadow/Cruger (along with Kat and Nova) are Extra Rangers. While his suit has the basic characteristics of the other S.P.D. Rangers, it looks much different. Instead of the look of the other six, which is mostly their main color with the left side of their body after their number being a different color, his suit is instead a black bodysuit with pieces of cyan body armor. Also, his helmet has the dog ears and lacks the mouth plate with the mouth-microphone the others have. Finally, his number is “100,” a MAJOR jump from the others. Secondly, Shadow Ranger does on occasion fight with the main Rangers, but not as often as Omega Ranger. Thirdly, he is obviously much older than the other Rangers and is one of the team’s two mentors. Finally, his Zord, the Delta Command Megazord. While his Zord is the Carrier Zord of the series and is piloted by him and the core five, it never combines with the other Zords.

    Again, these characteristics aren’t official and there are plenty of exceptions. But in general, these are the qualities I’ve noticed for Sixth Rangers and Extra Rangers. Just thought you’d find it interesting and perhaps help clear up some of the confusion you had.

  3. It won’t play, what the hell is going on?

  4. Yeah I have to agree with you on the explosion thing. I remember noticing that when I was watching this on tv as a kid. I didn’t mind but once you’ve pointed it out I don’t think I’m going to be able to see this show the same way again. I like it and all but I think dino thunder was better. That’s what I consider quote my power rangers it’s the season I remember. It and wildforce are the two which I have seen the most of and then this and ninja storm are the two which I remember but didn’t really see. I think I remember ninja storm because it was running in reruns same with wildforce. I think I liked ninja storm better than wildforce but I liked wildforce a lot too. So for me of the power rangers I remember from when I was really little I think Dino Thunder was the best, below that ninja storm, then wildforce, then SPD although I think SPD is significantly worse than wildforce. I like the top 3 a lot and really the reasons I ranked them the way I did was because as a kid I thought Dinosaurs were cooler than ninjas, nijas were cooler than animals, and I just don’t think SPD is as good as those other three.

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