HOPR: Power Rangers Zeo

The History of Power Rangers takes a look at the first major series change as the Rangers trade in animals for lucky charms shapes.

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  1. Watching over this a second time, there is something that I am not able to let go of : What the reason for the shapes is.

    The shapes are on the crystals, so naturally, they would be incorporated into the outfit or helmet. But what does it mean?

    Count to five. (And no, the Gold Ranger doesn’t count. He’s not “Zeo Ranger 6”)

    1 is symbolized by a single line. 2 by a double line. 3 by a triangle (with 3 points), 4 by a square (4 points), and 5 by a 5-point star. The method to the madness, good sir, is not the shape itself, but the number the shape represents. I could make wild speculations about the Zeo Crystal’s history on M51, and the possibility of these shapes actually representing numbers in an alien language, but let’s just leave it at “The Shapes = Numbers”.

  2. Ever since I was a kid, I always hated the Zeo suits. The visors look awful, the lips look awful, and everything looks tacky. To this day, they are still the worst suits to me by far.

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