Hotel Mario Review w/The Nostalgia Critic – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan ends up having to review Hotel Mario for the Philips CD-I after the Nostalgia Critic says he’s going to send him to a 5-star hotel for reviewing all of the horrible Zelda CDI games. Will Ryan be able to help Mario and Luigi stop Bowser and the Koopa Kids from taking over all of the hotels in the Mushroom Kingdom and save the Princess?

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  1. This is what you followed your nonsensical response with?

  2. True story: back in the 1970s, Nintendo owned a chain of “love hotels”. And if that sounds rather skeezy to you, then you’re on the right track. It really does put a whole new spin on this game, though: why do you think Mario is trying to make sure all the doors are closed?

  3. Doug and Rob walk into Channel Awesome Kingdom.

    Allison: (Evil Laugh)

    Rob: Nice of Michaud to invite us over a picnic, eh Doug?

    Doug: I hope he made lots of spaghetti!

    (Rob rolls his eyes)

    Rob: Doug, look! (Rips note off door) It’s from Allison. “Dear pesky Walkers, the former producers and I have crippled your website’s reputation. Mike Michaud’s name is now a permanent guest at one of our seven Google Docs, I dare ya to find them if ya can.”
    We gotta respond to this!”

    Doug: (Points at audience) And you gotta like it.

    Rob: If you want an example of what happens to those who disagree with us, check out the closed Forum and Blogs.

  4. He’s an asshole, the trickster deceiver N-Critic that is.

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