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Adam Sandler’s sequel made even more money than the first movie. So that must mean it’s better…right?

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  1. Welcome back, Maven. How’s the family?

  2. That boy is the most precious wonderful thing. Brava.

  3. Mine niece gets to play with ghosts.

  4. I’m someone who actually enjoyed the first movie to an unexpected degree – the animation was incredibly energetic and fitting, the story about “letting the kid go” was done pretty well and I didn’t mind the true-to-life lack of an actually bad guy – but the sequel is a huuuge disappointment and a letdown. For all the reasons you listed (though especially that ending that contradicts the whole story and the point of the film) and more. Even that amazing animation style was changed visibly and not in a good way, at least in my opinion.

  5. I need point out one thing.. Vampires are human! It is a curse what cause rise od dead body and sustaining it “undead” state by stealing life force from living. I know that Hollywood make them less like that but still this analogy is hilarious.

    • Yes and no.
      Once they become the undead, blood thirsty creature; they are no longer *human*.

      Look at cannibalism and necrophilia… Once you commit to that, you have voided your *human* cred.

  6. I’m now wondering if Maven (as distinct from Elisa) is also married to Paw, since that would make hers a “mixed marriage” too. Cute kid, though.

  7. I’m surprised no asshole has began bitching about “indoctrination” and “brainwashing” in regards to the ending.

  8. Gotta say it… Maven hits the nail so hard on the head that it made sparks.

    I think any one of us could have written a better movie.

    I think it would have been a better movie if Dennis was human thus Dracula has to change and grow.

    It seemed like there were five or six different stories all mashed together and none of them work.

    I was honestly shocked by how much bigotry there was in this film!

    I think that Sandler should stick to producing and leave the writing,directing and ACTING to everybody else.
    Seriously… He should stick to signing cheques!

    Like “Here comes the BOOM”. No Sandler input; just cheque signing!

    :OT I loved this review!
    Can’t wait to see the next.

  9. omg your kid is so freaking cute!!! [and i don’t say that very often] couldn’t agree more, everyone i know loved Hotel Transylvania and i’m left going ‘why?” the only thing i liked was Steve Buscemi as the wolfman, but that’s just because it combined two things i love.

  10. Actually, he should be a Dhampyre, a human-vampire hybrid that most often becomes a powerful vampire killer.

  11. Apparently Doug Walker likes both of these films. I’d kinda like to see the two of them debate over it.

  12. I’m surprised nobody mentioned Dunpeels in this movie…you know, the result of a vampire producing a child with an unturned human? Which is what this kid IS? It could have even been a good compromise ending.

  13. First, Maven, your boy is adorable <3
    Second, I am pretty sure that Maven and paw are canonically Married, they are certainly a couple(watch Music Movies, by PAW and you will see their in character relationship develop).

    Third, I think a factor that Maven and maybe some of the commenters are missing is that Adam Sandler is a Jew, and this movie is the story of a modern Jewish family dealing with modern day dating and marriage. I think Catholics, Russian orthodox, and Greek orthodox might also recognize and Identify with the characters in this movie as well, not to mention native cultures, Muslims, or any member of a minority religion that has an ethnicity attached.

    Many of our families had to deal with a concerted and purposeful effort by mainstream American culture in the 30s 40s and 50s to assimilate into that American culture, to, "melt into the pot," if you will. For a many of us that meant a loss of language, of stories, and tradition.

    For a lot of us, it is now a struggle to keep our cultural identities. Among Jews at least, the question of intermarriage is both pertinent and pinpoint. Jews are a small population only 0.263% of all people, I know there are many more Muslims and Catholics, but I am sure the numbers for Russian, and Greek Orthodox are similar, I am sure the numbers for Rom&Romny, and Native Americans are similar or fewer. For us every time a Jew, an Indian, a Gypsy marries a Gentile it risks the end of a bloodline, that there will forever be fewer of us. It is CLEARLY bigoted to try to maintain a policy of non-intermarriage, but at the same time, it is painful to think about the slow erosion of ones own history, culture, religion, race, and spirituality; which is why most modern Jewish families, welcome Goyim(Gentiles/non-jews) into our families, and don't discourage our children from marrying outside the tribe, but at the same time we make a STRONG push for any children of the mixed marriage to be raised Jewish. One can't control who one falls in love with, and it is wrong to try to make someone do so, but by making sure they pass their traditions down to the next generation we can make sure that even if our race fades from the world our beliefs and history will not.

    I understand that if only looked at through the filter of a liberal white American this film might seem problematic(and as an example of the medium all Sandler films are… qualitatively problematic :-p) however, if you look at it through the eyes of the cultures your actually trying to protect you will see that this actually does tell our story. Sort of like a VERY Shitty version of Disney's, "An American Tale."

  14. This was probably my favorite review of yours. I like both movies. It’s still better than 90% of Adam Sandler movies. I wasn’t made by Happy Madison Studios. That’s always a plus. I like your thoughts.

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