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What if the “Darkness” in the speech Kristen Stewart gave was actually about her past roles? How to improve Twilight by Gaming Wildlife.

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  1. If you put whipped cream on shit, it’s still shit.

    • But it is also deconstruction of whole Twill-fandom mentality. Those are insecure and immature births who just care about solving all own problems wit someone else hand. Outside pore execution this movie showed that large part of society is.. ugh! If I would need give more “manly” parallel it is basically a movie who say that racism, sexism and rape is good.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    If Bella was the villian then that movie could be interesting. I can stand Kristen stewarts terrible acting so I’d probably be able to watch all the movies all over again. I also liked how you pointed up the gender swapped version of twilight heck there probably gonna make that into a movie series once all the books are out in the series(is anyone but me only seeing this)?

  3. Bella as the villain? Yeah, that could work. Too bad Myer is an unoriginal hack who made it big because dumb tween to teenage girls thought Twilight was any good. Then again, another reviewer labeled the series as “Tween Porn”, so that might be the reason…

  4. Question: Have you ever looked at he books?

    Because if you did you would notice that what you said in the video is actually what Bella’s character REALLY IS! I’m serious Meyer has a warped, and I do mean WARPED, sense of morality. Just about all the main characters are sociopaths on some level and in the “good guys case this manifests as a sickening level of callousness.

    • Amen! I didn’t make it all the through the first book–I think I made it about halfway, and by then all the good humor I felt from the laughable prose had evaporated–but I read enough to despise Bella. You’re right, the girl is a mental case. She’s rude, spoiled, manipulative, and judgmental, and, despite the character constantly reassuring us of her mental aptitude, her actions frequently prove otherwise!

      Whenever a friend or relative gushes about Twilight (and, thank GOD, that’s died down since the last movie left theaters several years ago), I have to remind myself that she–all the fans I’ve met are females–doesn’t see Bella for who she really is. Instead, Bella is such a shell of a person that the reader easily puts herself in Bella’s place. Thus, it’s not Bella’s story. It’s Reader’s story, and Reader gets to have two super-hot, supernatural guys duke it out for her love.

      That’s what I tell myself.

      I like romance stories, too, but I prefer Claire and Jamie (from the Outlander series) to Bella and Edward.

      • “despite the character constantly reassuring us of her mental aptitude, her actions frequently prove otherwise! ”

        It is typical for psychos to think that they are normal (only ones normal to be exact), most normal people see insane part of own personality and that is why they can restrain it.

        “Instead, Bella is such a shell of a person that the reader easily puts herself in Bella’s place. Thus, it’s not Bella’s story. It’s Reader’s story, and Reader gets to have two super-hot, supernatural guys duke it out for her love. ”

        That is the reason for her popularity.. in group of insecure and immature woman who don’t see that Bella is basically birth and putting herself in her shoes don’t show they morality core as particularly strong.

        • Actually, that’s the thing, psychopaths and sociopaths learn early on that there is something different about them: their lack of empathy (or rather, limited but very intense empathy for what few people they love for sociopaths – a sort of “everything including heaven for those 6 loved ones, indifference and callousness for everyone else” mentality – and zero empathy for anyone for psychopaths). They notice that the majority of people find a lack of empathy disconcerting at best or monstrous at worst and so they “pass” as “normal” to avoid problems. They do think that “normals” are crazy/stupid for caring about others/people not in their “Inner Circle,” but they never SAY it to anyone (maybe a sociopath with their very trusted “inner circle” who accept their chemical/emotional limitations, but that’s it), but they’re self-aware enough to admit to themselves that there’s something different about them.

          In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Bella is too IRRATIONAL and STUPID to be a psychopath. Psychopaths lack empathy BECAUSE they’re hyper-rational and so they’re perfectly willing to sell someone down the river if they make a profit from it. They see the profit, not the person. Think cold-blooded CEO. Meanwhile, Bella can’t be a sociopath because she DOESN’T CARE about anyone to even have an “inner circle”: she has minions and pawns who make her feel better about herself. Hell, considering how she treats Jacob, it’s clear that he’s her back-up emotional blanket rather than a person. Meanwhile, for all that she gushes about Edward and his “perfection,” the lack of real details about him as a person make it clear that he’s a statue/trophy to admire.

          In short, she’s simply a passive-egressive, self-entitled spoiled brat.

    No seriously. I got into an argument over whether or not you can just dismiss a story because you hear it’s crap or because of its premise and was challenged to make the worst book/movie he could think of into something half decent.
    One CHALLENGE ACCEPTED later and I spent the next week writing Twilight fanfiction with Bella being a sociopath who manipulates everyone around her so she can become a vampire. In my version she does it so she can become a monster in order to fight the monsters but I’m awfully damn proud of it.
    You can read all 5 chapters here:

    • Nice idea, I wanted to write a similar story a few years ago (after I wrote a few short chapters of a story that played in the universe of The Host, this one non-twilight-book that Stephenie Meyer wrote), but then decided that it wasn’t worth my time. My idea was to write the story from Jacob’s perspective and show how Bella manipulated and used him.
      I’m glad someone else did it, and I will read your story as soon as I have some more time to spent ;D

  6. That doesn’t make the movie better. That’s what’s wrong with the movie as it is. You changed nothing.

  7. I’ve watch about 10 minutes of one of these movies… somewhere in the middle… and what I thought would make a better movie? Get rid of Bella completely and make the romance between Edward and Jacob. Romeo and Juliette anyone? In the 10 minutes I watched, these two actors had more on screen chemistry with each other than either of them with Kristen Zombie Stewart. (Apologies to any Zombies I may have offended.)

  8. I know how to improve twilight” burn it with fire then separate ever partacul of ash then bake those partaculs into atoms and make nicks out of them then grather every insane twilight fan dumb them all in North Korea then blow up all the bombs all at once.

  9. That’s…actually good thinking!

    …I would never watch the films just to experience this, but that’s a good thought!

  10. Interesting idea. I’m really liking your Review Roulette series BTW. I forgot about your Half Life 2 review which was great (it said things I’ve been saying for years and new things I’ve never thought of).

  11. are you Paul’s Ego? Whats with that picture at 1:09 ?

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