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Chris Stuckmann reviews Hush.

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  1. Let me guess: It’s Shia LeBeouf.

  2. u crack me up with your 65 inch tv

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Is the killers name kind of a girls name!!! BTW will definitely give this a watch 😉

  4. I’ve never heard of Wait Until Dark. I won’t see this since I’m not a horror movie fan though.

  5. 65 inch. Looks like Donald Trump isn’t the only guy desperate to show off his size, for no good reason.

  6. sorry, I kind of started laughing when I heard a guy was trying to stalk a deaf mute. I mean, it’s easy of course, but if your goal is to scare them you sort of have to be in their line of sight…not very conductive for stalking.

  7. Is this about that guy who wraps bandages around his face and tries to kill Batman?

  8. good lord your tastes in movies is just awful. this movie was sooo corny I couldn’t even finish it.

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