I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness – One Hit Wonderland

Hello The Darkness, my old friend…

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  1. Fingers crossed that Save Tonight was one of those requests because every single time I hear that song I’m like “I love this song but have never heard a single other thing from or about Eagle Eye Cherry.”

    • It’s a great song and I’ve dubbed it the theme song for long-distance relationships, because that’s all it makes me think of and then makes me sad because I’m in an LDR. But yeah, I’ve never once heard another song by Eagle Eye Cherry. Are they even a band anymore at this point??

  2. TragicGuineaPig


  3. I’ve never heard of this song or this band before. I think I was elementary school or maybe middle school where Bratz Rock Angelz was as rock as I got. LOL. I should check them out though, ESPECIALLY since they opened for Lady Gaga.

  4. “Love is only a feeling” might be their best song from their best album. And releasing it after “I believe in a thing called love”, let the people who couldn’t get what they’re about, that, they were not just about absolute silliness.

  5. Are you going to review the latest will.i.am song? I think he managed to get a lot worse.

  6. First heard this a year or two after college mainly bc of word of mouth. God, that was long ago. LOL.

  7. I see where NSP got their inspiration from lol

  8. I always thought of them as a ripoff of Zodiac Mindwarp, who’s “big hit” was Prime Mover in the mid 80’s. Instead of the guitar solo killing aliens, the guitar shoots our spunk that turns catholic girls into sleazy punk rocker chicks. You could check it out on Youtube. Zodiac’s actual big hit was “Feed My Frankenstein” that he co-wrote with Alice Cooper. Then again, being the opening act on a European tour with Iron Maiden as the Headliner and Guns N Roses as the 2nd act might be Zodiac Mindwarp’s biggest coup.

  9. The PMJ easter egg is very much appreciated

  10. Oh this song…I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard of…might need to check out ths band

    1:15 Todd in the Shadow just turned into a rooster: medic!!!!

    2:40 that’s one way of looking at it I guess

    9:33 as far as Friday songs, The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love is the definative. And there’s of course Miss Black’s special little number… 😉

    Ahhh the 2000’s: what a time

  11. Props on using postmodern jukebox for the outro music.


  13. This song is freaking awesome! And I had no idea they were one-hit wonders. I would say that Justin Hawkins seems to like exposing parts of his body…

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