I Love Lego: Double Decker Couch – MikeJ

Mike takes a look at the double decker couch Lego set from the Lego movie.

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  1. No, Unikitty! My favorite Lego movie character is Unikitty. D:

  2. I wasn’t allowed to have Legos when I was a kid because my mom didn’t want pieces winding up all over the house. I wasn’t allowed to have a dog, either.

    I have a sad.


  3. Quality Control made a boo-boo with that Unikitty set…

  4. You should contact Lego via their website. They have quite a good and fast quality assurance Team. You will have to identify the Lego set, describe the Brick and how its “broken”, and they’ll send you a replacement brick from Denmark in no time at no charge.

    I did that a couple of years ago for a Lego Technic Set. Before i could wonder if they will send me a reply other than the automated response I got after filling out the form on their Website, i had the replacement piece in the mail.

    • Oh god that makes me think of all those broken and defective pieces they get and what happens to them…
      There’s a movie in there with great morals about acceptance and understanding.

  5. TooMuchFreeTime

    Actually Lord Business just looks a little confused.

    I never got why characters gave Emmet crap about the couch being a dumb idea. One of them points out legs hanging down as a problem, but uh…hello? You are Lego people! Legs hanging down is a non-issue!

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