I Love Lego: Simpsons House

The Lego Simpsons House may be expensive, but is it worth the $$?

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  1. I admit I want this. Too bad I’m broke as shit.

  2. Pretty cool…if I were a Simpson fan, I would surely be tempted.

  3. Call customer service. They should be able to take care of your missing pieces without much trouble. As for the connections that join the house to the garage, you may decide to trim some of the thickness of the horizontal snaps as they are known to be a little too thick when new.
    Still a cool looking set.

  4. The wheelbarrow is probably a wink to the fan base with Homer constantly “borrowing” stuff from Flanders (belt sanders, TV Trays…)

  5. I don’t get why they included Flanders but not santa’s little helper and snowball?

  6. I wonder what the point of this is. You can´t play with it because it´s tiny/instable and to me it dos not even look good enough to be displayed from most angels except maybe the front.

  7. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I would be intrested in buying this and the cat and mouse one that you showed in the video i watched earlier.I probably wouldn’t get the minecraft set because i couldn’t play with it xo oh well.

  8. Mine wasn’t missing any pieces and didn’t fall apart easily. Not sure why you’re having problems. Sorry to hear it. I love my Simpsons house. It looks great on display. The layout changes had to be done I guess due to the circumstances. (Scale, a never 100% the same layout on the show)

    Agreed about the character faces. At least the single minifigs have proper heads, but unfortunately they’re rare and random which is stupid. (I’d pay good money for a set with all of them in it)

    Hope they eventually send you replacement pieces.

  9. $200 and not even the right floor plan? Feh.

    Knowing the Lego community, I’m sure there’s a fan-made plan out there that is more accurate. Could probably even use most of those parts.

  10. The props they chose for the figures are kind of weird. You’d think with all of the money people are spending they could get more references to the show in. For example, does Lisa not have a saxophone she can use? There also should be at least a pink donut or a uranium bar for Homer. I agree that Santa’s Little Helper or Snowball would have been good additions.

  11. Is Apu in the toilet?

  12. The large hole in the car roof is for Marge’s hair of course.

  13. This thing is frigging awesome!

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