I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis – One Hit Wonderland

Always. FOREVER.

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  1. To me the tune sounds like a low energy Safety Dance.

  2. 2 live crew coming up next

  3. I’ve watched you forever and I finally made an account so I could comment on your videos and stuff. I always look forward to your content!! When you like a song is a fun video but when you hate a song is the best video!

  4. God, this song. I’m not sure why I enjoyed this song (I was only 4 or 5 years old at the time when the song hit the radio airwaves). Catchy, in some ways?

  5. At first I was going to say that I’ve never heard this song but… I have and now it’s stuck in my head as well. I never saw Anastasia as a kid so I never heard the song. I like Michael Bolton though.

  6. Well, I um……
    …..Anastasia is one of my favorite animated films, I like At the Beginning and Richard Marx while Michael Bolton is one of my favorite singers!! *runs like hell*

    I remember the rap scene of the 90’s to early 2000’s; such fond memories

    Ironic; I heard this song on the radio a while ago and thought…’meh’

    Does anyone know of an 80’s New wave song whose music video opens with red sneakers jogging and it’s involves a body builder working out and the Cyndi Lauper looking singer, whose name may have been Debbie or Debra or something similer, bothering him
    I’ve asked before but if at first you don’t suceed, try, try again so that’s what I’m doing, dang it!

    • I also love the Anastasia movie. I don’t understand why it’s so hated. I guess I can file that with other such mysteries that I’ll never know the answer to like why so many people think Final Fantasy VII is one of the greatest JRPGs ever made even though it was hopelessly derivative and outdated even when it released. Maybe it’s just that I don’t care if something’s a knockoff as long as it’s an entertaining enough knockoff and Anastasia is just fine IMHO.

      • From my experience, it seems to be more of a love it or hate it movie than something that’s outright hated. I mean, it’s getting a Broadway musical which shows it probably has a big fanbase out there. Honestly, though, I’m with Todd on that movie!

        • Oh well, I can respect your opinion, especially since the film does have it’s flaws, but I think the it over comes them in it’s own way…wait, did you say Broadway musical!!! Yay!! You just made my day that little bit better!!

      • Alright: uptop!! 🙂 Though, I’m not much of a gamer, having play all of 2 video games in any form, it does seem that people can look past if something has been done before if they do it well. Like what Boy George from the Culture Club said ‘It’s not who does it first, but who does it best.’
        It’s when people ripoff somethng and make no attempt to be interesting that I have a problem; but anway; fellow Anastasia fan!! Yay!!

  7. Please let the next one be “Detachable Penis” from King Missile or “I’m An Asshole” by Denis Leary. Both are dirty and dominated the air waves until the FCC forced them off the air.

  8. I heard the music rift and it awoke a long sleeping tune from deep inside my skull. I listened to this as a child (I think I was 8) because my sister loved it. I have look threw your past OHW videos, You haven’t done the king of One Hit Wonders, Chesney Hawkes! He had a song back in 1991, The One and Only. I am told I sang it often as a 3 year old.

  9. Oh, man. I was ten when this song aired. Prime music absorption age, whether I wanted to or not. You can be sure this song is burned into my brain!

  10. I don’t know, “Float On” was pretty steamy.

  11. have you you going to do jump around by house of pain.

  12. I’m 20. I was born in 96. I have distinct memories of being literally 2 years old (i know this because we switched cars before I turned 3) and hearing this song as we drove around doing errands like often, and after age 4 or so it vanished and i forgot about it until i heard it recently in a waiting room

  13. I’m surprised one of the songs requested for this episode was Jesse Hold On by Bewitched. I didn’t know they were a One-Hit Wonder in the US. And with that song out of all their songs. I would have thought C’est La Vie.

  14. I completely forgot this song until you brought it back up….dammit

  15. Pop music in the latter half of the 90’s was… meh, in my opinion. The only good music in that era in general was R&B, as well as ska if it counts. As for Donna Lewis, she isn’t bad, but there is better…

  16. At the beginning of the video I thought, “Huh, that sounds a little like that song in Anast-“………….OH.

    Anastasia was one of my favorite movies as a kid, though I do admit it DEFINITELY could have been better. For the most part, ironically, I loved it for it’s songs.

  17. Gotta admit I hated this song as an angsty teen, but looking back, I actually really like it. It’s got a womby, Cocteau Twins-lite kind of feel (I wouldn’t have liked the Cocteau Twins for a few years, either!). Maybe as close as the US charts ever got to dream pop (early Cranberries, maybe?), even it arrived at that destination from a weird angle (easy listening). I think the follow-up, “Without Love,” is sweetly dreamy as well!

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