I See What You Did There: House of the Undying – Calluna

In honor of Season 5 of Game of Thrones being over, Calluna breaks down and analyzes the visions Daenerys sees in the House of the Undying, and what predictions can be made about future events in the series.

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Yay! New Calluna!
Wait… Fame of Thrones?
*sigh* I guess I’ll be waiting for another video to get happy.
Everyone else enjoy it though. ^^

I think you missed a fairly obvious connection piece with the Bride of Fire segment ( though, as you point out, there are so many possible interpretations, that treating any of them as certain is mildly foolish) With the Blue Rose in a Wall of Ice you draw a parallel to Jon Snow, as Lyanna’s potential child. You then say that it’s hard to tell what the title Bride of Fire could mean in relation to that. But it seems fairly obvious (to me) that it alludes to a marriage between her and Jon Snow, Dany the Bride of Fire,… Read more »

You have a crap load of bookmarks in your Fire and Ice books there, Calluna. That’s hardcore


That is actually a viral image from awhile ago where someone bookmarked each time a character dies in each book.


House of the Undying? Is that supposed to be a reference to House of the Dead?

The House with the Red Door probably isn’t in Braavos. It has a lemon tree outside the window but we are told several occasions that almost no trees grow in Braavos and on one occasion citrus trees are specifically mentioned as not growing that far north or that close to the open sea. Now the Sea Lords Palace in Braavos apparently has a huge garden with a lot of animals and plants that normally can’t grow in Braavos so it’s possible that the house was located in the garden but there is also some evidence pointing to Dorne. Since Dorne… Read more »
I don’t think I ever thought Young Griff was a fake Dragon, that’s pretty interesting. I have a theory the writers of the show just are afraid to add new characters because it’ll just confuse people who want to start watching it now. I know it may seem silly, but there’s some proof (instead of just having a kindly old man for Arya at the House of Black and White, they make it Jaqen). So maybe they just cut out Young Griff, Jon Connington and others because they figure it’s just too much for people to take. Hopefully in the… Read more »

I still think that the dragon with three heads might actually be Dany leading a super troop on the backs of three dragons. Jon Snow, Dany and a third really great warrior, either Aegon, Arya, one of the Sand Snakes or who knows. That would be interesting as it would actually bring these three fucking screwed up countries to kill the whit walkers. Though honestly I do think that is my nerdy lover of mythology coming out. Martin loves to make things that should be epic and mythic straightforward and heartbreaking


Good job Calluna! I always look forward to your Game of Thrones videos!
I’m anxiously awaiting the next one 😀