I Touch Myself by Divinyls – One Hit Wonderland

I don’t want anybody else…

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Wow, I had no idea that Chrissy Amphlett died, and way too young! Great review as per usual, Todd. I love this song!


What the heck was that credits version? It sounds like a sped-up Caramelldansen.

Snorgatch Pandalume

It sounded like a cover by Alvin and the Chipmunks. Well, at least Alvin doesn’t have to worry about his pants being in the way. 😉

EA Solinas

The Chipmunks? WHY, LORD?

Brad1ey Shaw

If that somehow inspires the next Chipmunks movie where the Chipettes sing ‘I Touch Myself’ I’m just going to have to find a tall tree, about fifteen feet of rope and a sturdy enough branch to hang myself from because the end of days will soon be upon the Earth.

Great video, Todd.


It’s a Nightcore version and yes, it’s mostly sped up. Also they sometimes add a cool beat to it. It makes some pop songs 30% better 😀


I remember this song from the stripping scene in Austin Powers

The Movie Explorer

I was on board with them ever since seeing “Boys in Town” on MTV back in the day. Great band! And I was heartbroken when Chrissie’s death was reported to me. A tragedy!


“Whatever Australian Rock sounds like, it is this.”

Indeed – this, and AC/DC.


I remember that I first heard this song when someone made a Youtube music video of Miss Piggy singing this. Of course, it was fake but as a pre-teen, I thought it was real. LOL. I like tongue-in-cheek dirty songs (see Aqua). This is a little too bluntly provocative for my taste. Although, is that what Whip It is about?! O.O

Captain Chaotica

I can’t remember if there was any actual uproar among the grown-ups when this song came out…but I do remember the kids at school giggling their heads off about it. Then again, they were kids, what do you expect?

I think what gets me about this song is that there is absolutely _no euphemism_. At all. She’s not turning Japanese or “dancing” with herself or “whipping” anything, or even bopping. She. Touches. Herself. Right in the title. Bam. Points for honesty, I guess!

Steve the Pocket

I suppose if you were too young to know what the phrase means, you could take it literally and just be left confused. Actually wasn’t there an interview where she tried to claim that’s what she meant? I seem to remember reading about that somewhere.


“Whatever Madonna was doing that year” – if I remember right, just ‘This used to be my Playground’ as an in-between albums/movie soundtrack thing… so I think Chrissie wins


Icicle by Tori Amos


Feel the word feel the word feel the word feel iiiiiiit~

Todd, 4:28: “They were pretty big on the college circuit too.” That’d be an affirmative. In the late ’80s when I was in college, I was a campus DJ. Our music format was alternative, and the Divinyls were a staple of the rotation. Along with Tina & The B-Side Movement and Babes in Toyland, and some old-school Pretenders like you said. “Pleasure and Pain” and “Hey Little Boy” were Divinyl songs I remember playing; there could well have been others. I remember being a little disappointed that campus radio was the only place I ever got to hear this group.… Read more »

One of the things I like about you and your reviews, Todd, is that you don’t make any political jokes in them! Far too many media and internet reviewers just shove their politics up your nose constantly, especially this year. I’m so sick of it, and I’m just glad that you’ve never done it and I can actually enjoy all your videos as much as I enjoyed this one. Keep up the good work!


I specifically remember, at the time, it was on the news, and Dad failing to see what all the fuss was about.

His reaction was similar to my more recent reaction to Myley Cyrus: what’s everyone so upset about? Christina Aguilera did the same thing.


Man Divinyls only had one hit over there, that’s sad.

The MegaNerd
So what will Todd be reviewing toda…OH WOW!!!!! RED FLAG!!! RETREAT!!!!! Are there really so many songs about this!?!? Good grief!! You could say they were PRETENDING to be punk!?!? I hate myself too now Singers; proving you’re never to old for school uniforms 5:24 *mind blowing up* Not fond of this song, subject matter aside; it’s just droning. It’s got some okay points though. A bit familier. ‘I’m Jealous’ I liked better What was that about She-Bop!?!? No wonder it’s got an ‘E’ on iTunes; I did not know that, wow! Yeah Michael Bay is less suprising. Shame about… Read more »

Some suggestions of bands from the 90s that only had one hit in America afaik:
Simply Red (maybe they had a few hits in USA)
Wes (Alane!)

Emilie Bennett

Yeah, this IS early 90’s all right… I don’t know why I sometimes hear a Southern drawl in Chrissy’s singing voice, though. Although most of The Divinyls’ other songs are of equal quality from what I hear. I would still take it over anything Samantha Fox sings…

(P.S., when I itch, I touch myself, but I digress.)


I know at least one more song about female masturbation: “Feed the horse”, which is also a euphemism and apparently a specific technique.


Amusingly, that last Divinyls song you played, “Human on the Inside,” was covered by the Pretenders three years later, and was a minor hit.

The ‘Australian sound’ that Todd is referring to is typically derived from what we call ‘Pub Rock’ here. It’s a primarily guitar-driven sound that originated in the smoky pubs, and Returned Servicemnen League clubs (basically clubs for Veterans) where the bands had to play over somewhat disinterested patrons who came for a cheap hot meal and a glass of beer. You can hear it in the earliest iterations of AC/DC when Bon Scott was still alive, or the hard guitars of Midnight Oil. Any Aussie party that wants to be a good time has to include some serious pub rock… Read more »