I’d Pack a Grenade For Ya – WTFIWWY Live

This week: A naked bike rampage, lowering the resale value of a guitar with your genitals, and yet another installment of “Owning Sean Spicer”…

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  1. There is a difference between a public and a private server.
    (Using the first one is even stupider.)

    Although i don’t know how the linked thing for the service works. I just remember every service nowadays wanting to give you one of there mail addresses. (android-> gmail, Skype -> Microsoft, …)
    So it might have ben paired by the App? (If anyone uses it can they check?)

    PS: Every second comedy and about every cartoon uses the mop, so maybe he came from there?

  2. You were going to answer the door on Halloween dressed as a My Little Pony… yet no-one showed up.

    Definitely a case of “No harm, no foal”

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