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We finally get to the bottom of it, or sunk to the bottom of it. Either way some butts were touched and/or/will be hurt.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Glad those southern grandmother’s were back but i doubt they’ll be back anytime soon. So nice April fools joke

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    Didn’t she play Harley Quinn in the old Batman cartoons?

  3. Shoshana was perfect for the role and you guys should also do a legit one on Zoe Quinn.

    • Oh, and Nintendo after the Allison Rapp incident.

    • Except no one care about her outside some douches.. Zoe Quinn is minor indie games developer who were caught in matrimonial dispute where both sides lied and serve as fuel for retarded female chauvinist (extreme so called feminism) versus male chauvinist (aka 4Chan trolls). What lead to future Gamer Gate affair because main gaming services have behind scene discussion that they shouldn’t touch clearly stinky thing. What some trolls (aka 4Chan yet again) use as a prove of supposed lack of credibility of gaming sides (which they never have outside immature teenagers.. that is main part of 4Chan).

      So NO ONE CARE!

  4. Probably your most serious work so far.

  5. Darn. I was actually hoping for Anita to talk about she didn’t give a crap about anyone but herself. This works too, especially considering the date, but I would still like to see this done for real in the future.

  6. I guess Thunderfoot isn’t the only one who uses Sarkeesian’s name as a cheap way to get page-views for lazy videos.

  7. DeTroutSpinners

    The best thing we can do is to stop giving this sexist troll publicity. She manages to demean both genders while providing nothing of worth and being wilfully ignorant of the subjects she talks about, all while blocking and abusing those who point out the literally countless flaws in her arguments. She causes far more resentment towards female gamers than any chauvinist could do on his best day, but of course many liberals pander to her persecution complex precisely because she’s female, not in spite of it.

    • This is a very good point…I still kinda wanna see a legit 100% Honest video about her, just to see what she does, if anything.

      • Point is that she is overrated. She is a con-artist who made short series about tropes in games what contain many false information and stolen footage. Also she didn’t fulfilled what she promised in her patron.

        Problem is that she become a tool used by female chauvinist as some kind of authority about gaming and its inbred sexism (when in fact she confirmed herself that she isn’t gamer and ignored that many of examples were from 80/90’ties when modern gaming industry is different), when in this same time she was attacked by sexist trolls from 4Chan who override legitimate critic of her.

        • Dromedary Meat Cactus

          You seem awfully worried about whether “female chavinists” got their money’s worth for what they donated to Anita’s Kickstarter. Glad to know there are white knights like you angry at Anita and calling her a con artist for not providing feminists with adequate value for the money they donated.

    • She’s not really that much of a troll. People get mad at her–she doesn’t really do much.

      Don’t get me wrong. I don’t agree with her (even though I am a feminist myself) But I literally would have never heard of her if not for people freaking out about her.

    • To be hones if not her I wouldn’t learn that there was so many female in game developing. What is main reason why her position is downright false.

    • Lets not forget the level of incompetence or lack of giveafuck that it takes to fall this dramatically behind schedule. A video a month over the course of a year was the original promise, and it’s still not done yet. And apparently the original $300K wasn’t enough to fund a show with around the production values of CheckPoint? It probably doesn’t count as embezzlement since the KS funds were given directly to her, but something’s clearly not right there.
      (Assuming she isn’t just waiting for publicity to die down before reigniting the fires with her next entry to stretch her fading relevance out)

      • Dromedary Meat Cactus

        You must be a super hardcore feminist to be so upset that the feminists who donated to her Kickstarter haven’t gotten enough videos for their money. Keep on fighting the patriarchy, sister.

        • Que?
          I think she’s a total agenda-driven liar who’s actively made things worse for pretty much everyone gaming related too.
          It’s just WAY easier to point out the gross mismanagement of huge sums of money than dismantle her faulty arguments to a willfully ignorant crowd.

        • As for whether I feel sorry for her original backers…
          Deciding to entrust their money to someone with no qualifications was their own mistake, and to a great extent this was inevitable.
          That said, they DID get screwed, and IIRC Sarky’s advertisements didn’t bely the barrel of disingenuous crazy they were about to unleash, presenting it as if it was going to be a well-researched series of thought-out visual essays. Again, ZERO qualifications to believe any of that would actually happen, but the original backers did get lied to.

          Now the people who backed the SECOND kickstarter have no fucking excuse: They’re either crazy nutters like her, or total idiots.

    • I really want to see this done for real as well. Then again, it’s not like they could make that lying manipulative shedevil any more obvious.

  8. I love that April Fools Joke because every breathing existens on this planet knows that Sarkeesian is unable to be honest.

  9. Not entirely sure what the joke was here, I have to say ?

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