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  1. Trainer called Red, Rival Called Blue.
    We don’t want them in anime,
    So you get Ash instead, because well still think he’s cool!

    • Technically they didn’t have canon names until later games as those were just propositions from few alienable options.

      Furthermore Red and Blue (Green in Japan) are canon in anime as they were two of three trainers who get starter before Ash who get spare Pikachu. Garry Oak (counterpart of Blue in Japan though in magna it is different female character known as Green on west) get what left, that is Squirtle.

      But that obviously is mostly off screen stuff and they later fully abandon any references considering anime and manga as separate universes.

  2. Ash is over 30 years old … ( he was 10 in Pokemon Blue, which was released in 1996 )

    • If that would even really mater on the first place we could even say that it is fault of Gyigas.. lol

      • Mewtwo looks like Gyigas and has memory wipe powers so that ironically makes the most sense. The Pokemon universe is a warped reality where nobody stopped the Embodiment of Evil and the hero was reduced to its plaything.

        Mewtwo:”It hurts… It hurts… Ash… Ash, Ash, Ash, Ash, Ash, Ash… I feel… g..o..o..d…”

        • You are aware that there is in fact quite legitimate theory that Mother/Earthbound may be in fact Pokemon prequel? Ape/Creatures basically ARE Gamefrick support co-developer and half of they games are Pokemon games.. mostly Ranger series, not only Mother franchise. So basically Arceus may be Dark Dragon from Mother 3, MewTwo may be Gyigas clone.. and Mew.. well may be Gyigas himself or should I say he was before he take form of Arceus (Mew originally was meant to be only part of lore, but one programmer was too officious).

  3. Oh my God, you’re so right, you just read my mind about character growth in a Pokemon story is like college credits in most US American colleges or institutes. They never transfer over for most students, isn’t that right “Ash Ketchum.”

  4. Pokemon animated feature films were are always indeed on repeat in plot with slight different situations and characters.

  5. Seriously, in the series, Ash is the biggest incompetent ever… It’s both frustrating and quite sad.

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