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  1. I don’t play WoW and never have. The time travel thing . . . yeah, anything that’s so big it affects virtually the entire game world needs a whole separate server. I don’t know that it did but I’m assuming that it was meant to. Whatever…doesn’t matter. WoW’s time is now passing and it’s time for WoW 2 instead of more expansions. Not that my opinion makes any difference, because it usually doesn’t.

    Great video.

    • The time travel thing makes sense in a way because alternate realities were established all the way back in the beginning with the Caves of Time, then in Cata with the Twilight Flight. In Cata, there is even a raid in which you travel to an alternate future in which Deathwing destroys Azaroth and you have to fight the “echos” of faction leaders that have gone made with grief before you take out the form the Bronze Flight leader will eventually take at the “end of time”. Plus, some of the novels deal with alternate realities as well. So, time travel didn’t come out of nowhere, and yes it is powered by magic.. somehow.

      However, none of my statement above should be taken as a defense of WoD. That whole expansion what just a vehicle to get Gul’dan back into the main story so he can summon the Burning Legion in the Legion expansion,… get Kelgar to take over Dalaran because they have given up on Jaina being a hero anymore.

      I will never forgive Blizzard for what they did to Jaina’s character, but it is par for the course as far as Blizzard treats their female leads. All of them either go crazy, turn evil, become a bitch (or start out as one and that becomes their defining trait), or they do nothing for multiple expansions only to then be over shadowed by their male counterpart. Blizzard does not know, nor does it care to write woman in an interesting or compelling way.

  2. I would love it if Blizzard made Warcraft 4 and returned franchise to it’s RTS roots.

    • It be very hard to make a Warcraft 4 after WoW made the Warcraft Story so bad that broken it. How could do that to the lich king it like the forget about Warcraft 3 and arthas was never a good guy he was bad before he become the lich king.The like no the lich king was make him evil noo noo I see did lots shit things before he become undead.

      • @ Topcat – I am sorry Topcat, but that is not even close to being accurate. Warcraft Lore is not broken. You just do not like where it has gone. They have created and expanded their world to something much greater than the little RTS game Warcraft started out as. I myself might not like some of the direction lore ha taken, but I still enjoy it for the fact that it is still growing and learning more as I go.

        Next, Arthas was NOT EVEN CLOSE to being as bad as you say. He had whole heartedly tried his best to make the choices he thought was best for his kingdom. His thought his decisions were righteous. He was obviously wrong, and each step he took to the wrong path, the further downhill and easier it became for his mind and soul to become tainted, warped, and consumed by Frostmourne. For you to say that, you did not even read the book Arthas by Christie Golden. You see a crap tone more of his internal struggles before and during the events you might have played through Warcraft III.

  3. Arthas wasn’t even main baddie,he was main character of only 3rd Warcraft. In 3rd fucking demons were main baddies(in Reigns of Chaos – Archimonde,Frozen Throne – okay Lich King and Kil’Jaden).

    Yeah, main theme they might stole,but they did their own story and gameplay later.(And usually better)

    WoD was mistake,Mist of Pandaria for me was great expansion: nice story,good PvP nice leveling and great raids.(WoD had only Great Raids and Great leviling(some stories were kinda good,but tie-in in whole lore was a mess).

    Cataclysm had everything great…up to 4.3. I didn’t care much of cutted content because released content was great,but 4.3 had too easy and boring raid,bad and stupid ending and fucked up LFG.

    WotLK was good(had a lot of new mechanics,though it did first steps in oversimpification of game).

    BC and Vanilla I played only on pirate servers. Best part of BC and Vanilla wasn’t really gameplay or nice lore,it was community. Slow leveling,high ceiling and a lot people meant there were a lot people playing with you,leveling with you(not just raids and rated PvP,now without guild or company of friends it’s boring as hell,because game feels like Singleplayer game).

    • They did not “steal” anything for their main theme. Games Workshop hired them out to make a Warhammer game and backed out. Blizzard was in a corner with the option to either go bankrupt and close up shop, or make changes and sell the game to try to make their losses back. There is a big difference between “stealing” lore and etc. and having no other choice other than to take the blood and sweat they put into a game to try to keep going or to fold.

      Indeed, Arthas was not a bad person. He was corrupted from his intentions to do the best for his kingdom to doing whatever was necessary to save it. Then he got to the point that his own sanity and consciousness was gone.

      I agree with most of your comments on WoW expos though. I really enjoyed MoP and Cata. I enjoyed Cata more for the story and lore (and changes to warlocks) than much else. I thought it was awesome to see Deathwing back after playing the RTS games when I was young and seeing his story unfold. I did actually play Vanilla and BC during the years they were live, and I agree completely on it being great more because of the community. WoD I do not find anything wrong with its alternate universe. It does not really affect the actual history of Azeroth, it only brought back those from what would be the “past” from an alternate timeline on Draenor. They did not take that Draenor to affect the past of Azeroth, just changed its own path to attack Azeroth as it is.

      MoP was great in story, lore, and overall gameplay. My problem with WoD mainly was its story. I really liked how they made the story progress and lots of scripted scenes and cut scenes to try an immerse you. But where the hell was Garrosh up until the very end? After building up his story in MoP and our hate towards him, you do not even see him until the very end. Then BAM! Thrall kills him and it is over. There should have been more interactions in each zone where we are trying to track down and take out Garrosh while we are dealing with the Iron Horde. More of a build up to that final moment. There was way too much Burning Legion way too early. It should have only started coming out towards the end. There should have been a major patch before this latest one. I felt like the whole story was just cut short and abruptly ended.

  4. Oh, and I believe they could make a little more profit and pleasure fans if they did “nostalgia” servers. Vanilla 1.12 and etc(though they would have to fix cataclysm to release it).

  5. I’ve never played World of Warcraft before but the option to pay to have your character leveled up to 90 while adding on to the monthly subscription fee is just flat out disgusting.

    It’s sad where gamers with the most money will be rewarded over hard work and skill and companies giving into that mentality to make a quick buck.

    I said this in AngryJoe’s videos, but fuck Corporate Commander for real.

    • You can also pay $20 to buy game time for another player in exchange for their in-game gold.

      I don’t know why you would do that, but hey, it means as long as you can make some extra in-game cash each month (You usually can without deliberately trying) you don’t actually have to pay your subscription fee with real money and as a bonus can exploit the desperate for in-game cash people in the process.

    • To be fair,it’s not even hard to level up in this game anymore,but it’s lonely experience (takes about few days now). And level up function is not maximum level,it levels you to starter level of expansion(90 of 100 and will be 100 of 110,so you will still have to level up). Hard work and skill is required in High-tier raids and PvP,not in leveling.(And you can get by paying(well you can pay to 3rd party,so they take them with you ,but it is not function made by Blizzard)). So, I think of it as good function(One level-up is guarenteed when you buy game,so you can hop in to friends levels with you).

      • @Punsh – Indeed.
        @RockmanX3 – When you have not actually played the game, don’t just rush to such conclusions. Being one that has started from Vanilla, and put my fair share of blood and sweat into my characters, I welcome an easy option for either my nephews (or other friends/whoever I want to try to get into the game) or myself to skip the low level quests and grinding that I have trudged through time and time again. The better part fo the game is usually more towards the higher levels. It can be difficult for those who have not played before to really get into it, when they spend more time just grinding low-level quests or dungeons to get to the good stuff (RBGs, arena, Raids, Challenge Modes, etc.)

  6. ha… i though they where gonna mention how diablo 3 and starcraft 2 feel more like warcraft than their the games they are sequels too

  7. Yeah MMOs with F2P have no drawbacks what so ever…..

  8. Nailed most of it, but dear lord do some research. Panda’s were in the game a good decade before Kung Fu Panda came out. Check WC3……

  9. Wait a minute are you guys saying that WoW was NOT a rip-off of another game? /headpalm

  10. Wow, you guys got so much wrong in this video, and even where you were “right”, you were still mean-spirited to the point of self-parody. The previous 100% Honests I’ve seen were on topics I didn’t personally have much knowledge of, but I’m relatively knowledgeable about Blizzard. I played Wow for ~5 years, but quite in 2011, and I played a decent bit of Hearthstone and *loads* of Magic: The Gathering (they’re not actually all that similar). I wonder if that means you were as off base in those videos as you were in this one?

    Sorry to say, but I lost a lot of respect for this series due to this video, guys. Please step up your research for future projects.

  11. Well actually DOTA started on warcraft 3 as Defense of the ancients… DOTA.

    So blizzard aren’t copying dota 2 or lol, they actually started it but… they took a long time to jump on the band-wagon.

    In fact the people who made LoL actually are from the original team who made D.O.T.A. on warcraft 3 so blizzard didn’t really copy there, just very VERY late.

  12. Now that you’ve made that Warhammer connection, you should totes do a video about Games Workshop.

  13. While it’s true that WoW is not as compelling as it used to be, and I know this is a meant to be entertainment, when the facts are not accurate or misrepretented, it loses all its humour and becomes just annoying.

    Just noting some of the things that aren’t quite how you portrayed them.

    Wow now allows you to use in game gold for your subscription. That’s good news for those who have gold they have no clue what to do with.

    All the best armour is not practically given away anymore than it was back in the day.

    How do you buy skills?

    Power levelling to 90 or 100 still means you would have to level the extra 10 levels till cap. What it does it remove the tedium of having to get to those levels so you can jump right into the game. This isn’t pay to win by any means.

    Random raids will never get you the best loot. Being a casual will get you okay gear but the best gear must be worked for.

    There is more customization now then there was way back then. In fact, I don’t recal any real options to customize your character in the earlier days.

    You’re bagging Blizzard for working on their story telling? Really? That was one of the major issues with the old game. You never knew why you were doing what you were doing.

    The Pandas were there in Warcraft III, well before Kung Fu Panda.

    WoD was not about time travel. It was about alternative dimensions.

    • WoD? And the D stands for Draynor? Now it just sounds like WoW is going to nick stuff from Runescape.

      • Draenor’s been around since at least WC2. (1995) Runescape came out after. (2001). Same as trying to complain about Pandaren (WC3, 2002) because of KFP (2008)

    • But Warcraft never had anything to do with dimensional travel before! *cough Draenor/Outland, its the same alternate dimension as before, even cough*

      Yeah, WoW had much better customization back when you couldn’t change the way your armor or weapons looked, there was an objectively right way to spec every class so trying to talent differently made you useless, and almost every mount was impossible to acquire and could only be used by specific races.

      Oh no, they made the game more accessible to play. How dare they make it possible for new players to join in to this decade old game instead of leaving everything ‘simple yet complex’ (Read: Grindy, RNG-based timesinks and moneysinks with a dozen borderline useless spells and a shitload of annoying reagents just to perform your class skills) so the playerbase can remain nice and hardcore and dwindle away to nothing.

      Yeah, this is just bitter and inaccurate.

  14. As a longtime Blizzard fan I felt this episode really disappointed. Feels like there were soo many lost opportunities for mockery that weren’t explored that would have been stronger than those we got.

    Oh well, this just means their return to Blizzard in 100% honest will be even better.

  15. If Over Watch were by another company I would probably get the collectors edition.

  16. I loved the visuals and music of this game, it was so atmospheric and even though I’m a cynical bastard, I would lose myself into the world. Eventually the level gap between my friends and I got so wide that I couldn’t catch up (whereas I would stick to the plot and admire the scenery, these guys would do multiplayer stuff and blow through dungeons) and the monthly fee made me uncomfortable seeing how relatively little time I would put into the game every month.

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