If Disney Princesses Were 100% Honest

The ladies speak out about what happens after “happily ever after…”

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  1. Great video. Excited and sad to see you guys go back to gaming. This was one of your best videos and while I can’t wait to see you make more hilarious gaming videos I encourage you to occasionally experiment as your format works well with non-gaming matters quite well. Your adaptation is the smoother than ScreenJunkies and CinemaSins finally doing vids on animated films.

  2. Wow, Aurora’s sprouting dat chest hair!

    Probably one of my favorite 100% Honest videos from you guys. Great work, Gaming Wildlife, I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. 😀

  3. Well that Maid Marian is going to give me nightmares

  4. Wow! This is your best video yet. Great job! Maid Marian’s costume was the most impressive.

    Only complaint: no Rapunzel or Elsa? Come on!

  5. Great video, keep up the great work!

  6. At first I thought that this would become awful….especially when you made Snow White “evil”. But then you actually talked about the movies with knowledge about the plot.

  7. I kind’a expected it ending with elsa making fun of them all.

  8. One of the best so far!

  9. Can’t say it was the funniest video you guys have made. A lot of nitpicking that has either been said a hundred times before, or with a logic that doesn’t quite hold up.

  10. Does Bell’s relationship with her prince, qualify as “Beastiality”?


  11. Squeaky voices like Snow White were everywhere in the 1930s. Here’s another example:


    (BTW, this is the same actress who played Rosa Klebb in “From Russia With Love”, and she sounded radically different by then.)

  12. Also Hercules was gay.

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