If Electronic Arts Were 100% Honest… (2017 edition)

Oh boy. It’s this company again. What happens if Electronic Arts were 100 percent honest with us? Again?

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  1. So true, but obvious. Yes, EA is evil, but the simple truth is that people simply allow them to be f*d. From they point of view if people buy they games despite it not being first need resource it speak for itself.

    • I have no idea what you’re saying in that last sentence.

      But anyway stop blaming others for corporate greed, yes there are people who will buy this game, but there are plenty of people protesting against it, and the fact that EA has had a major backlash “speak for itself”.

      • My pointing obvious fault of consumers who buy EA games despite knowing about greedy practices, isn’t this same as speaking in protection of EA. So pull off your canons dude. The simple truth is that corporations don’t care about backlash, they care about sales and reputation matter only when it impact sales. It isn’t first time when I experienced that.

        • “Pull off my canons”????? What does that even mean?

          Of course corporations are going to care about backlashes when it does (as you said) impact sales, which it does, as EA is potentially about to lose international sales due to the Star Wars Battlefront backlash.

          So “pull off YOUR canons dude”. Whatever the hell that means.

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