If Frictional Games Were 100% Honest With Us – Gaming Wildlife

See what the makers of Amnesia and SOMA have to be honest about.

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  1. I’m about to play SOMA – I’m sort of having my expectations deflated by this video :/

    I’m not exactly easily scared either…

    • Krimzon_Mechanism

      Allow me to be honest. Soma, gameplay wise, is much the same like Amnesia, but slightly less puzzles.

      However, though it lacks a bit in gameplay, it has an AMAZING story and INGENIOUS look at the concept of identity and preservation of the self. The game is emotionally exhausting. Shit i felt an amazing sense of dread and emptiness after finishing it, leaving me to wonder about the games intelectual premises.

      The monsters are explained and they make sense how they function or exist, with exception of one or two, but even then they have different mechanics you must adapt to.

      Also, the lore and voice acting is E X C E L L E N T. There are plenty of recurring characters in audio logs and you can always tell them apart both in terms of voice and personalities.

      Played through 3 times already a couple of months back and it is a seriously amazing game. It’s just a shame how in the end this game gets its fame from shrieking let’s players who most of the time can’t comprehend the intelectuality that accompanies said game. :/

      Go play that game and have fun. 🙂

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