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No more Dark Souls? Praise the sun.

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  1. I don’t think the joke really works that well for this one. Just because they stopped making a game from an series doesn’t mean they are jumping ship and don’t care. It’s called moving on.

    • Yes, they stop make games from this series.. three years ago? Wait what? They previous AC games have at least five years skip.. so that is what we call jumping in conclusion!

      Also Souls series is spiritual sukcesor of Kings Field’s series (if we can call that way fact that some DLC’s take place clearly before KF4:AC) so that also isn’t new thing for them, but simply because rise of popularity of aRPG’s recently they bring it back..

  2. I’m still stuck on the first boss of Dark Souls 3 and I didn’t know they did the Armored Core series.

    • I have actually found Dark Souls 3 to be the easiest in the franchise so far. Also there is a trick to the first boss. When he attacks you roll forward and run underneath him and then start wailing on him. If he tries to move stay under his back legs. Beat him on my first try (Along with every other boss so far) as they are quite easy for me. (I am using a Dex and Strength build with Medium Armor if you are curious.)

  3. Weak episode.

    From Software games have a lot to rag on despite it’s popular following and this episode just dragged its feet about something that wasn’t even funny. This reminds me of the Skyrim episode. You seem to play it super safe when franchises are beloved by internet masses and that translates to extremely poor content.

    Either step it up and really hammer on the flaws or stick with companies like EA where you won’t ‘offend’ the internet viewpoint. These tame episodes don’t work.

  4. So for every other game company you guys like to point out how they drive their most popular franchises into the ground by making sequel after sequel, but in this case the fact that they DON’T do that is the issue?

  5. And that isn’t even totally true.. Armored Core V is quite recent game and Souls series is successor of they old franchise.

  6. Wow that was bad. I assume nobody reads comments here, seeing how they’ve made this mistake of calling Demon’s Souls an Atlus game before. And were called out on it. And still just made it again.

    Atlus just published a game in USA, it was developed by From and SONY Japan. It also is not some magical new franchise that replaced Armored Core – it’s a logical continuation of King’s Field series that was there from the very beginning of From Software.

    So yeah, an episode based on bullshit and lack of any knowledge about material. Not something I expect from “100% honest” series, to be 100% honest.

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