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Pokemon hasn’t changed. But you know what? It works.

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  1. How about BS that most Pokémon including Sun & Moon was released later in EU? With XY they have shown that they can release those at same time all around the world so there is no other excuse than Nintendo and Game Freak are behind times.

    • I guess if you really, really need something to complain about on a video talking about a game developed or published by Nintendo…the internet will find something negative, blow it out of proportion, and post in on the corresponding message board.

      • Don’t act so high and mighty because I am sure that you would complain about same thing if you yanks would not had gotten Sun & Moon before those of us in EU. You yanks complain all the time when you don’t get game before others.

    • The current prevailing theory is because a player who gained access to the game in the EU and leaked a pirated version of X and Y before release. If that is true, don’t worry, the US is joining you for the next release.

  2. “an entei, its 1 hp, paralysed and just put it to sleep”

    Seems someone is playing with cheats; everytime I paralyse it prevents me putting it to sleep XD

  3. But they do remove features after a generation, like hordes from Gen 6.

  4. My major complaint is that they don’t include starters from previous games into the next games as catchable characters.

    • If you scan 10 QR codes in Sun and Moon, you get to use an island scan. And on certain days of the week, you can find the Johto starters on the first island, or the final evolved forms of the Unova starters on the 4th island.

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