If Gaming Wildlife were 100% Honest with us… 2017 News Update

New shows coming, old shows leaving.

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Home of the 100% honest series. A comedy show that focuses on the the culture of gaming and those who are apart of it. A social experiment on learning about different types of gamers as well as CEOs and their various companies.

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Never cared about 100% Honest. I found the videos with the types of gamers a more interesting premise. Though in execution they were rather insulting of the audience.

Brad1ey Shaw

Fewer ‘100% Honest’s, bummer.

Derek, if you haven’t considered the ‘Postal’ games and the ‘Postal’ movie you really should look into them. Despite the low ratings the movie has received it’s the best game to movie adaptation I’ve seen from Uwe Boll. An important thing to note is that if you haven’t AT LEAST played ‘Postal 2’, you won’t understand why the movie can be so amusing. Play a little bit of that game before you watch “The UNRATED version of ‘Postal'” and you’ll get it. 😀