If Gaming Wildlife Were 100% Honest With Us… About The Switch

It’s wrong. EVERYTHING is wrong!

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  1. Typical Nintendo….gimmicks, gimmicks, and more gimmicks. How about dropping the gimmicks and making a competent, current-gen game system with a appealing and quality library of 1st and 3rd party titles?

    • I actually think the Switch had potential, and still does, as a legacy system. It’s the only system that can possibly simulate Wii U and DS/3DS titles, if that ends up being a thing, and I hope for downloadable first party titles from across all of Ninty’s systems with third party support hopefully following suit as the console/handheld hybrid can work for that.

      However, as a modern system, it just doesn’t work. There just isn’t enough horsepower, and you’d think given that this is Ninty’s second shot at an 8th gen system they’d be able to get it right this time and at least be kind of like the Wii U in that it’s slightly more powerful than other 7th gen systems by virtue of being newer. There’s no excuse for not even being able to match the power of the PS4 and XB1 at this point. Ninty needs to stop being a gen behind, and yeah, no more gimmicks.

      As for games, I think Ninty has always been reasonably strong in terms of first party support, though I wish they didn’t just milk two of their franchises in spite of said franchises being great, especially Zelda. Apparently Ninty does in fact create new IPs but no one knows about them as they never market them well even though it’s new IPs that do need marketing to sell. Still, they can have decent Mario and Zelda titles and a console with modern tech in it.

      Also, third party support really depends on the success of a given console. The Switch can be successful if Ninty plays its cards right. The XB1 had a disastrous reveal and it’s reasonably successful. They really should have waited to host a launch event till the system was ready though. Here’s hoping Ninty doesn’t continue to be as out of touch with the modern gaming industry as they have been.

    • What were the gimmicks you saw?

      • Seriously? It’s much, much faster to list the ways it directly mimics a traditional console — 1: It can plug into a TV 2: ???? 3: Pretty sure that’s it.

        • Step 1. Make a big event to show off our poorly designed product with limited titles available at launch and have it hosted by people that obviously don’t give a shit about the product.
          Step 2. ???
          Step 3. Profit

          Makes me glad I stopped buying consoles ten years ago.

  2. I going be honest I get the Switch for netflix. Now my mom and dad can use the table to chooses the movie and plug into the dock.Also I going play zelda. This going make my jobs so much easy with pick a movie on netflix.:)

  3. This video proves that you just can’t make some people happy.

    What was the #1 complaint that internet had about the Wii U?

    “Dat big clunky tablet, it’s a big, heavy, clunky tablet, OMG so big!!!!”

    Get a pro controller, and stop expecting quirky Nintendo to give you dude-bro Turbo-Fuel hype, dog.

    • Gladly, except that they’re charging $70 for them. From what we know there’s less tech in one of those than in a Steam controller, and those retail for a max of $50. I still get great value from my Wii U Pro controller (I use it to game on PC), and $70 just for a Switch Pro is just too much.

  4. If they were 100% honest about what? Being Japanese and freaking weird? They’re Nintendo for god’s sake. This video doesn’t really. . .provide anything but a bad banana joke.

    As for the switch — like all Nintendo things it’s weak , and it has loads of gimmicks. I could see this being very popular with pre-teens to young adults in cities. I could see it killing in Asian metropolitan markets. Which is more or less what they seem to be shooting for. It’s more impressive than either the vita or the 3DS, and touts itself as a reasonable console experience.

    TotalBiscut has the best vid on this and I’m inclined to agree with him — if they get the games to run 60fps smoothly, all the time, and get enough games then the thing has promise. It can’t be much weaker than a current gen phone, and my phone is plenty powerful enough to play good games.

    And its competition in the PS4/Xbone is weak. Both systems are just shit computers at the end of the day — fine if you don’t want to pay for a PC, but if you do have a gaming PC, the consoles are pointless. I ended up selling my PS4 for that exact reason, and so far the only game I’ve really regretted missing was FFXV, which should hit pc eventually. As for the Xbone — their biggest exclusives are first party, and also available on PC now. . .assuming that programme doesn’t get cancelled after this first full round of them comes out. Whatever,I Got FH3 (even with it’s goddamned nightmare on the store to download, and it breaking this week so I just stopped playing) I’ll get crackdown 3, I’m happy without the Xbone.

    As TotalBiscut said — they make the games run like crap just to get the best hype fodder they can, and end up with games that are less fun to play. If you want to play them at 60 FPS you need a Pc, and even then, most of them are not well-made for PC and don’t fair **that** much better there.

    I don’t have high hopes for the Switch — because I live in BFE and I think I’ll be removed from all the appeal of this thing. But if I think about it like a new gameboy with a docking station and table-top mode in the bargain . . .that’d actually be pretty sweet. As it stands, I don’t really use my 3ds either because I don’t commute, even if work was far I have to drive, and there’s noone to play with. So I’m just not the market for this thing no matter what it actually does.

  5. Admittedly, I’m not fully on board with the Switch as of yet. The concept is intriguing, but doesn’t really appeal to me personally as I don’t really have the opportunity to game on the go as I ride my bike everywhere. I could try, but it might prove dangerous. In any case, all I’m thinking about at this point is finally playing the new Zelda on my wiiu come March.

  6. To me, Nintendo doesn’t know when to give up on the flaky casual market. The reveal trailer for the Switch looked promising; it had some casual-looking players, but there was greater emphasis on the hardcore big N fans.

    The show went the complete opposite.

    Someone made a comment that really sticks in my mind: the Switch is really just Wii 3, but under a different name to avoid marketing confusion again like the Wii U.

    Considering the show seemed primarily focused on the motion controls and something as minor as rumble support, I really have reduced confidence for the Switch now.

    tl;dr: Nintendo, drop the fucking casuals and focus on your main audience. Give a normal, non-gimmicky console and normal controllers, and focus on the actual games.

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