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Is the switch as great as people say it will be?

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  1. Thompson, your eyes are looking a little red and your speech is a little slow. Have you been dipping in to some of Nintendo Corporate’s secret stash of inspiration enhancers?

  2. The only thing worse than obvious Nintendo hate-bandwagon clickbait…is played out and lazy Nintendo hate-bandwagon click bait.

    So edgy.

  3. I’m actually kind of interested in the Switch for its potential as a legacy system. It could’ve merge the handheld and console VCs, which would be amazing, and I hope most if not all supported retro titles will be ported to the Switch, with even more added for good measure. The weird design could semi-competently emulate various systems that Nintendo has made.

    And no, I have neither a Wii U or a New 3DS to play Earthbound as I’m pretty content with my old 3DS, but if the Switch ends up being a decent legacy system then power won’t matter all that much. If I want a good modern console I already have a PS4 anyways, and even a decent laptop for Steam, and both the PS4 and the Steam platform were designed by someone who knows something about modern gaming.

  4. TheSuicidalTeddybear

    I’ve never heard of this channel before, but by satan did this guy nail it by the ass ^^

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