If Nintendo Were 100% Honest With Us – Gaming Wildlife

Is the switch as great as people say it will be?

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Home of the 100% honest series. A comedy show that focuses on the the culture of gaming and those who are apart of it. A social experiment on learning about different types of gamers as well as CEOs and their various companies.

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Brad1ey Shaw

Thompson, your eyes are looking a little red and your speech is a little slow. Have you been dipping in to some of Nintendo Corporate’s secret stash of inspiration enhancers?

Chicken Puppet

The only thing worse than obvious Nintendo hate-bandwagon clickbait…is played out and lazy Nintendo hate-bandwagon click bait.

So edgy.

I’m actually kind of interested in the Switch for its potential as a legacy system. It could’ve merge the handheld and console VCs, which would be amazing, and I hope most if not all supported retro titles will be ported to the Switch, with even more added for good measure. The weird design could semi-competently emulate various systems that Nintendo has made. And no, I have neither a Wii U or a New 3DS to play Earthbound as I’m pretty content with my old 3DS, but if the Switch ends up being a decent legacy system then power won’t matter… Read more »

I’ve never heard of this channel before, but by satan did this guy nail it by the ass ^^