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You asked…and asked…AND ASKED…so here it is. Gaming Wildlife takes a look at Rare.

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  1. Rare really needs to give us a modern day Battletoads already. Maybe even more violent than the arcade one.

  2. I actually liked Nuts and Bolts. The car building was fun (probably would have worked with another franchise better, but whatever). It still had lots of platforming (the platforming was just done with cars). I think it’s a misunderstood sequel, sort of like Super Mario Sunshine (another game people were quick to call too different).

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Is daniel gonna play every Japanese man or what? I didn’t even remember grabbed by the ghoulies. I love how Rares new CEO refuses to believe that the kinetic was a failure even though it did epically fail. But why do people hate banjo kazooie nuts and bolts again?

  4. Nuts and Bolts would of been far more accepted if it where released by an actual B&K game. The way I see it Nuts and Bolts is a spin off, which can be entertaining. But given that an actual B&K game had not released in the space of an entire console generation fans needed something more than a spin off to sell them on Microsoft producing B&K.

  5. There are two great Banjo-Kazooie games and one really cool vehicle making game. It’s unfortunate that every reviewer I see forgets that last part and starts spitting venom when talking about Nuts & Bolts.

  6. Wait… was that meant to be an Australian accent? Huh… okay.

  7. Ahh, so that’s what happened to RARE. I never knew.

    Thanks for the video/history lesson.

  8. Nuts And Bolts was actually great fun. Should have been another franchise, but it’s actually great quality, and the writing for the jokes are just as great as ever. As for Groupies, I certainly remember it, and while the combat was problematic (many were trying to use the right stick to attack during this time. It died FAST) it was still quite fun.

  9. Does anyone remember Kameo: Elements of Power? It was a Rare title that I believe was a launch title on the Xbox 360. I remember it being really fucking awesome, but it must not have sold very well, because they cancelled the sequel.

  10. so basically, it’s very rare that Rare makes a good game these days.

    if by rare you mean none existent.

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