If Scott Cawthon (FNAF) Were 100% Honest With Us

He didn’t even make it past Day 2!

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  1. I’ve honestly never played FNAF or understood the appeal of it. Is it a modern day Night Trap? Otherwise, great video.

    How many parts is FNAF at? 100?

    • Yes and no. It doesn’t have a movie you have to follow but scripted sequences you have to be aware of in order to not get killed.

      FNAF ended at part 4. Then Scott tried making an epileptic inducing bombardment of your senses RPG.

  2. Chicken Puppet

    It works because jump scares are extremely effective.

    Why? – Because as creatures that evolved on a planet where everything seems to be trying to eat or kill everything else, we have developed and evolved senses based on assessing and quickly reacting to stimuli.

    The combination of a disturbing image (specifically a face, or something that resembles a face) combined with a loud, jarring sound immediately triggers a rush of adrenaline and fear which can be helpful in nature when you have to decide if you need to run away from a wolf, a bear, or an angry member of the neighboring tribe that wants to eat or murder you.

    This format is great for let’s plays because you the audience get the thrill and adrenaline rush of the jump-scare, and then you get to laugh at the let’s player getting scared which triggers positive chemical reactions in the brain, so it’s going from one extreme to the other.

    Is this bad: No…as long as people are just having fun with it who cares? However, I don’t give too much credit to the jump scares themselves as being genius because it’s essentially a cheap “trick” on the human brain.

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