If Steam Greenlight Were 100% Honest With Us

It’s always all about the tracks of land.

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  1. I think I spent about $100 on this year’s steam sales… Including a lot of indie games.


    • I find it amusing that people willingly pay money for spank material these days. It is *incredibly* easy to find these exact same assets on art sites like pivix and the various ‘boorus. Not to mention many hundreds of thousands of additional pieces of even better art.

      • Hell, if you wanted to play a adult game that has tits in it just go to any random Adult game on Newgrounds. FOR FREE!

        No need to vote for anything that costs you money just because it has bewbs in it.

  2. Steam Greenlight? Never heard of it.


  3. Chicken Puppet

    Now, I don’t know the ins and outs of a lot of the companies you cover, but I do love me some Steam and some indie games and… Oh my god you nailed it 100%.

    There is a sea of garbage and you hit most of the big offenders. After poring over pages and pages of specials looking for something worthwhile during the Steam Summer Sale, I can only imagine you guys had a similar experience.

    I felt so underwhelmed at the choices, you are actually correct about the indie scene being so flooded with these same games that it has gotten more stagnant than the triple A western market. Call of Shooter 57 is no longer the most generic game out there, it’s now Broken Survival Crafting Zombie Forever in Development game #2763-4.

  4. Internet-based voting system… : Boaty McBoatface.

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