If Valve Were 100% Honest… For the last time.

It’s done. Half Life 3 is finally over. It’s not happening. It’s cancelled. Say what you will, but there is no more Half Life 3. The meme will now die.

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  1. Well…I was never really that big a fan of Half-Life or any other Valve software titles, but having a consolidated, un-intrusive, gaming marketplace with games old and new with amazing deals has made me a PC-first gamer all over again.

    I’m okay with Valve not making games anymore and only making money, because it’s working. Steam is pretty awesome.

    Sucks for fans of HL though.

    • To be honest people missing the point here, because if Velve would want only money they would release Half Like 2 Part 3 and what they already make for Half Life 3 anyway and lough from people buying the turd. Duke Nukem Forever is good analogy but with one huge difference. It is Valve who keep money.

      In case of 3D Realms after several first delays for technical reason (like new engine release) they did notice that making the hit game is more profitable then releasing it and lose of the hype they could not provide. So they start making excuses for delays keeping it in development hell and spend money on luxuries pretending that they do work, until bubble finally burst.

      That is not the case here.. after huge success of first two Half Life games I believe they did wanted deliver a hit game. After all they keep the staf. I believe they simply couldn’t and with rise of quality of console shooters there was simply less and less place for Half Life to be as big as people expect. And I believe that staff leaked to different projects from main studio from quite some time.

      Anyway cancellation was unavoidable and I see as honest practice not releasing rushed game even if they clearly spend money on it. But obviously butthurt fanboys would be butt hurt anyway.

      • Yeah, I mean if their heart isn’t in it, and most of the creative folks behind the original games have moved on or aren’t interested, why demand a forced sequel that will only disappoint the fans anyway?

        I do disagree about the state of shooters. Graphics have improved, of course…but that only requires you to throw money around, something Valve has tons of. In many ways shooters have stagnated and regressed since the days of HL2 outside of inevitable technological advancement.

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