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Sorry guys, but you’re outta quarters.

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    • please tell me you’re being sarcastic like the video.

      • EDIT: First of all, I apologize for being naive and thinking everyone was being sarcastic.
        So ignore my previous comment.
        I think nintendo is really failing in the home console market, but I think they’re REALLY successful in the portable market. I think nintendo should stop making consoles and keep making portable consoles and games. But then again, that’s just my opinion.

        • I honestly think the portable market is where they should go as well.

          The PS Vita was just announced as a legacy system and aside from smartphones, Nintendo barely has competition in the portable market.

      • The video was being sarcastic?!? I uhh…umm…I don’t know how to respond to that. I thought it was fairly accurate given the gimmicky-ness of the Wiimote, all of the overuse / outright reliance on existing properties as a means to continue selling new units, the lack of new original properties and some of the trouble Nintendo was having with new title availability when the Wii U launched. I also found it to be quite true that Nintendo consoles started falling behind when they launched the N64 when others made the move to data discs over cartridges.
        There is more I could say but I think the video sums it up quite well.

        Now how do I respond to NCFan2001’s comment of “Fuck you Brad1ey Shaw”? That’s easy.
        “Whatever dude. Whatever.”

        • Didn’t I say to ignore my previous comment? and no, Nintendo doesn’t JUST keeping re releasing games. and really? the lack of original properties? huh, what about splatoon and Bayonetta II?

          • EDIT: never mind about Bayonetta II.

          • Splatoon? Okay, it’s a good seller so far according to the 60 seconds of research I’ve done. I’ll wait a year and see if it (the property, not the game itself) retains the popularity necessary to make it a Nintendo classic. They can release all the new properties they want but should they not have staying power, because they’re poor or they outright suck, I don’t really count them.
            I didn’t say Nintendo just keeps re-releasing games. (I didn’t mean to anyway.) I meant to say they just keep releasing games containing their properties, that have existed for over 20-25 years, in multiple forms with a noticable frequency that seems a bit excessive as opposed to newer properties.
            That’s just what I’ve noticed though and I may very well be wrong about that. Sorry if anyone gets butthurt over it but that’s how I see things.

        • It was a satire and you fell under Poe’s law here. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t trying to make good points. He loves Nintendo, and wants them to do better. It was mostly obvious to me that this was satire due to the shots taken at AssCreed, CoD, and FPS over saturation.

        • Sorry. I was angry and thought that this video was literally trashing Nintendo and I raged out.

    • Fuck you Brad1ey Shaw

  1. Alaster Boneman

    Sad but true

  2. Yeah for a company that braggs about trying to “innovate”, they sure are behind the times on a lot of features that are STANDARD for every other console.

    It really feels like the company is run by a bunch of old, shrewd japanese businessmen, that refuse to move beyond what they think “works” with gaming. And unfortunately, what they think “works” are practices from the 1980’s. Like an old dog that can’t learn new tricks. 2015 is a very different world from the 80’s but, they will have no talk of it. Its complete tunnel-vision.

    When a companies idea of “premium” storage for a current gen game system is a paltry 32GB? There’s clearly a problem with the fools in charge. And they pinch pennies on EVERYTHING. Wii U was always a budget-made console, even though they charged a premium for it.

    No wonder 3rd parties stay away. I get that nintendo would like to sell everything at a profit but, there’s a time when compromises should be made. Having your console be so cheap and behind that times, that it hurts interest from game developers, who’d rather not go through the hassle of adapting their game’s vision onto what i essentially last-generation hardware? That should send the message enough to make your new system current.

    • You nailed it right on the dot.

      I love Nintendo, I really do, but I can’t defend all their blunders forever.

      I honestly think that the NX is going to be their last shot at the console market at if they don’t succeed, they’ll end up like Sega. While Nintendo still has their great IP’s, they really really really need to get 3rd party support back in order to survive in the gaming business because those games are what most people play.

      Please please please DO NOT screw up the NX, Nintendo.

    • but hey, at least the 3DS is good. (at least I think so)

    • Um, 32 Gigs is a lot of space.

  3. WTF was that XD
    Sounds like you put a lot of work in that so credits there but I couldnt disagree more on message

  4. Hey, Il Neige, I’m sure you’re a nice guy, but FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK YYYYOOOOUUUU!!!!!!!! Nintendo is the greatest company and STILL make some pretty cool games! YOUR problem is that you’re BLOODHUNGRY, a PSYCHOPATH, or probably BOTH!!! I hope you BURN!!! IN!!!!!! HHHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! And to say that I’m GAY for liking Nintendo?! YOU ARE SO DEAD TO ME!!!!!!!!!!

    • Just in case no one picked up on this, you ppl do know that this video is SATIRE, right? o.O Neige is being sarcastic in the video. He’s a huge fan of Nintendo and collects nothing but ammibos :P.

      • Oh. Well I feel like shit now. Sorry, I just like Nintendo because it was my childhood and I don’t like most shooter games. This comment shall insure that I will NEVER get a job on Channel Awesome. So sorry again, I just freaked out.

    • ok, seriously, as a message from a fellow nintendo fan, get some ointment for your butthurt.

  5. TheEmeraldDragon

    I love Nintendo. *points to her avatar*

    They are making money, something that Playstation and Xbox take half a console life time to claim, if at all. I don’t need super HD to ‘mature’ games. I love their games and I hope they never stop.

    • I love nintendo too, but even I think the Wii U was pretty mediocre.
      but then again I f**king LOVE the 3DS.

      • TheEmeraldDragon

        I would admit the Wii U isn’t their best, but I CAN’T wait for Zelda Wii U. It just looks so awesome!

        And yes, the 3DS is wonderful.

        • The 3ds is awesome. Not a fan of the XL versions. If you like it more power to you but I bought a Japanese New 3ds one because that’s how much I’d pick that over the XL. As for the Wii U? The fact that they still haven’t managed to allow DVD movies on their system shows how truly behind they are. I only ever bought a Wii U simply because my Wii stopped playing disc’s AND The free Mewtwo. I haven’t bought Splatoon yet but it does seem to be getting good reviews.

  6. I love Nintendo, but Il Neige has many points here.

  7. Poe’s Law is in full effect, it seems.

  8. Gotta love how many people are missing the joke by a country mile :p

    • Not me, I freaked out so much I commented an apology in TWO VIDEOS. Check out the SpongeBob SquarePants review for that second one. I wish I never made that comment

  9. Eh, I guess if you’re into casual or party games, Nintendo’s stuff might be alright, so they’re not completely without a place, I suppose. Thing is, though, if I were going to buy a new console, it would probably be more of a contest between Sony and Microsoft if I was buying for myself. The WiiU seems more like the kind of thing I might get for my parents, who are in their late 60s, if they were gamers, or my kids, if I had any.

  10. I disagee with some of this. Yes, if they are to stay alive, they must get some new games going. I am not 10, not gay, and not much of a gamer anymore. However, I don’t think all games should just be shooting stuff, and it’s kind of a sad commentary on the way gamers are just training themselves to shoot at stuff in gaming these days. I think there’s a place for puzzles, adventure, fantasy, etc. I really hope games aren’t just going to become a bunch of war simulators. Robin Williams actually made a decent point with the movie called Toyz. When this video makes Toyz look like philosophy, that’s a real problem, I think.

  11. I wonder how many thumbs down this video got on youtube from people who didn’t get the subtext.

  12. I can see why Poe’s law would swing into effect on this one…

    While the verses themselves are critical of the state of the market and community and some of the less-fair criticisms Nintendo gets, the chorus seems very sincere in telling Ninty they’re has-beens, so there’s a bit of cognitive dissonance… but I suppose that does accurately capture Nintendo being in quite a lot of trouble, but also being under attack for all of the wrong reasons as well.

  13. I’ll admit, it took me a while to realize that this entire video is sarcasm. Which means I had a pretty negative reaction to the “screw Metroid, I get my *male power fantasy* from Halo and Gears of War” line. In retrospect, it’s an obvious joke, but the video is so *accurate*, despite being sarcastic, that I didn’t “get the joke” until reading the comments.

  14. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Watch this video yesterday but couldnt post it. Now on to my thoughts. Everyday I’m understanding more and more into Nintendos downfall because there releasing games for mobile systems now. There was even a Shaun K video dedicated to if he was thinking Nintendo was down falling or not. But with super smash bros and the wii u and 3ds doing well and more and more games coming out I don’t think Nintendo has reached its breakng point yet but they will soon!

  15. I knew that this was sarcastic when he said the words “Hardcore Gamer”. That’s like saying “Graphic novel” instead of comic book. It’s absurd.

  16. On July 11th, Satoru Iwata (the president of Nintendo) passed away, just 2 days after this video was posted…

  17. Way to drop the ball CA, promoting something called R.I.P Nintendo just 10 days after Iwata died. So fucking classy.

    • This video was posted before Iwata’s passing. The title was also changed out of respect. Calm down.

      • No. I know it was posted before he died, I know you changed it(that’s how I knew the original title), but you can still see the original title in the tags. So, it seems more like you were just trying to cover your own ass, than out of respect for someone who died. And besides, I’m more upset at CA for using this video to promote you instead using a better/more liked video of yours, or anything that can’t be related to making satirical punchline of a company who’s iconic figure head just died. It’s just really in poor taste. Look, I like your stuff. You do good, funny stuff, but everyone here should have known better.

  18. the Poe’s Law is strong in this one, i love it XD

  19. ThatCreepyReading

    I love this song, Thank you nostalgia critic for pointing this guy out. Ill be sure to watch your content when I am narrating

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