I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred – One Hit Wonderland

So sexy it hurts.

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  1. they were big in America? That means they weren’t too sexy for New York! I demand to know about Milan and Japan!

  2. This was my jam in middle school. And now Taylor’s Swift song is my jam in my twenties. History truly repeats itself.

  3. Bernard Cribbins? Isn’t he Donna Nobles grandfather in ‘Doctor Who’?

  4. What do expect from a group that names themselves after a comedy song.

  5. Heh… As a European I definitely remember ‘Too Sexy’ and ‘Don’t Talk’. I’ve heard the third song a few times on the radio because “Hey, this is Right Said Fred.” but that’s about all.

    I pretty much haven’t even thought of these guys in over a decade.

    That reminds me… Have you ever tackled “Army of Lovers”? I don’t remember if you ever did.

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