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Prepare to go N-Sane with another batch of Crash Bandicoot Ripoff games on Android! The recent interest in the manic marsupial has caused a flood of Crash games on the Play Store. Do they suck? Yes.

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  1. Thank you so much for pointing out how crass, dated, and ugly Crash Bandicoot is/was/will always be.

    If you like the games, fine…but they have always been nothing more than attempts to copy Mario, Donkey Kong, and Sonic during the mascot craze of the 90s…and he is a poor committee designed, crass, soul-less, also-ran with games that were competent, but mediocre at best.

    Crash is Poochie…but with enough marketing $$ to sustain him.

  2. During the lifetime of the PS1 I thought Crash was going to be the mascot of the Sony consoles like Mario is with Nintendo and Sonic is with SEGA. Either Sony nixed that idea real fast or they thought that the Playstation didn’t need a mascot.

    • Sony pushed him pretty hard at first, he was in their branding, TV commercials, sequels and Kart racing games etc…

      I think more likely it was that the games were mediocre, Crash lacked the solid design and charm of Sonic or Mario, and eventually the mascot craze died down as the age of gritty ‘gangsta’ and street racing games rolled in during the early 2000s.

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