Immobile: Grand Theft Auto Ripoffs – Yomarz

Hide the children cause today we’re looking at Grand Theft Auto ripoff games! These take pissing in the sandbox to a whole new level.

About Yomarz

Hi I'm Yomarz! I really like video games! I also really like making videos about video games! So I decided to make a video channel to host my videos about video games. I make reviews and other gaming-related videos so if you're into that then check me out! The videos, I mean. Not me. Well... me if you want.


  1. LOL.

    I seriously had to check if YouTube was playing more ads than usual, but they were of the games.

    RIP Yomarz for going up against the man. 2014-2016.

  2. 7:27 Sometimes, you just have to accept defeat! LOL

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