In Defence of Alexander – Diamanda Hagan

How I interpret Oliver Stones biopic of the historys greatest villain protagonist.

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  1. Props for the Iron Maiden reference.

  2. I never did see Alexander as bad movie. But it could be because as European we have expanded education about real Ancient Greek culture.

    • I didn’t consider it bad per se either – It is a lot better than the atrocity that was Troy at any rate.

      But I think perhaps it was misadvertised/represented and too many people who wouldn’t normally have watched a more cerebral take went to see an action-fantasy and were annoyed at not getting that.

  3. IMDB has Alexander the Great {Richard Burton} with a score of 5.8
    Alexander (2004) 5.5

    A lot more people have voted on the more recent one but yeah 🙂

  4. I think Oliver Stone did intend all of this historical accuracy with the wisdom of the ancients in all it’s human flaws as well as greatness like a professional historian/archeologist as well as film director, Oliver Stone Jones.

  5. I really Oliver Stone nailed his portrayal of Ancient Greek history to at least 80 to 85% accuracy in this film, even the old real-time strategy video game Rise and Fall: Civilizations At War (2006) which I still play because it works on my computer where Alexander is cold and aloof during cutscenes before the battle seeing his warriors or soldiers butchered by the Persian troops could very accurate too, soldiers of any armed forces of any nation on planet Earth and possibly beyond we’re going to killed anyway so no general would care much if anyone dies on the battlefield or on the open marching road. Obviously it’s always been like that, we’re just a collective means to an end, especially in war.

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